Hot Men in the Philippines

Hottie Shaun Pelayo

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  1. ayoko ng ganito karaming tattoos. yung magsesex kayo para pa ring naka damit. mas masarap yung bare skin. pero keri parin naman kung walang tattoo sa tite hahaha

  2. I really don’t mind tattoos pero this one…graffiti na yan…skin waste! Gwapo pa naman nya!

  3. Ohh highh pouh my Momsh RD!!! Firsht!!! Ahm, puhrang mern pouh puhlah shya nah Vandolphh Quizhon noh pouh? Pehroh younger, fitter, hotter at moreno vershion aman pouh shya. Shana lungzh pouh dih shyah gaano nagpatattoo kashe puhrang uglyih pouh tuloy ng shkin nyeah… Hihi.

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