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Mr. UK Ryan Larson National Costume

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  1. Check his IG, meron siyang mga frontal nudity photos na naka blurred nga lang, meaning as part of his Modelling portfolio eh meron na rin siya soft nude photos, some are even taken by Pinoy photographers.

  2. Ohh waw aman pouh yean my Momsh RD!!! Shooo hot aman pouh neah! Puhrang shoo daksh neah pouh! Ahm, shana meigh picsh pouh nah kitah pouh yeong buong tite at bayag pouh neah! Thanksh pouh Momsh!!! Hihi…

  3. Normal sa mga Europeans mapa Male o Female models ang mag frontal, super liberated sila. Basta Europeans walang limit or boundaries sa paghuhubad kaya prioritised At favourite sila ng mga photographers at Modelling agencies around the world. Frontal kung frontal talaga sila.

  4. Hindi ko maintindihan bakit nakipag-agawan pa ‘to’ng org na ‘to sa brand na hindi naman talaga sa kanila kung tutuusin. Why didn’t they just launch their own contest?.. 🙁

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