Hot Men in the Philippines

Nathan Garcia, Spicy

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    1. WTF is “lunch ng hair pa s’ya”? Also, wag mo i-push sa iba yung fetish mo with twinks just to glamorize their glaring poverty, mas gusto ng mga bakla may laman, kaya nga uso guys with dad bods di ba? At bulag ka ba, anong 45 years old pinagsasabi mo? You’re projecting your own edad yata lola, napaghahalatang senior citizen ka na haha

      1. Ayan ka na naman, you’re correlating being a payat to poverty maisingit lang yung pa-woke mong statement. Kumalma ka, seems your wrath is misplaced.

        1. At least ikaw inamin mo na may mali ka. Marami kasing pretentious sa site na to like Rosanna, Karelin, Lande and Kuryus.

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