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Van Allen Ong Back

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  1. Pansin nyo ba na wala nang gay scenes sa Vivamax simula nung naging partners sila ng MTRCB? Yung last role neto doon gay sya pero walang sex scene kahit isa hahaha.. Iba talaga MTRCB pagdating sa gay content nagcecensor pero walang problema na puro na lang rape ang content ng Vivamax lately

  2. Ang pretty ni gurl, was dat Pauline Amerixnch? Part ba ng muph wins nia yan Sana di na muna pinaghubad sana sumali sia mulit.

  3. Reply to @ PA as per her reply in turn to @ Anonymocca.
    Madame, reply/comment in Bolan-on, let’s see if they can retaliate. 🙂

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