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Vince Maristela, Wet

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  1. Sparkle. Galaw galaw aba!!! Pasikatin niyo toh baka maunahan kayo ni Deo and Dyogi nako mga uhaw pa naman sa ahemmm yun

    1. Tina Maristela, the iconic supermodel, is married to a Panlilio, an alahera. It is Stella Marquez de Araneta who is the stalwart of Binibining Pilipinas and married to an Araneta.

      1. Oh eh anong connect ng pinagsasabi mo dito sa lalaking nasa post? Galingan galingan pero wala namang substance.

  2. Is he the child of supermodel DidaMaristela? He is alta if that is the case, Dida having been wedded to Ricco or Ricci something

    1. ‘Ay, I was about to ask… 🙂

      (You deliberately misspelled, right? Para ‘di matumbok ng ‘bots?…)

      Can I say the family name of the pater? A familia buena of jewelers in Region 3… ‘Mang, timbrehan mo ‘ko if OK, po!

      1. (Cont.)

        No, I had some other familia in mind. That of the guy mentioned by @ Miss Cosmos (here).

        But, never mind. At least, the link to the model is confirmed.

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