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Whois Justine Ong

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  1. … Apparently, caused enough ‘disturbance’ to the Admin (aka, Mamang RD) that he/she/it (baka ‘bot/AI) forgot to put a space between ‘Who’ & ‘is’. Puso!!!

    1. It’s excusable unlike the way you spell and misuse apostrophes.

      Go back to sweeping hair off the floor.

  2. From Tacloban yan. Alaga yan ng baklang handler ni Michael Ver. I’m sure na tsupa na din nya yan.

  3. Ahm, hi aman pouh my Momsh RD! Ahm, ashk quoh lungzh pouh, retokated pouh bah yung noshe ni kuah? Puhrang pouh kashe eigh. Nyweizh, I shmell a shishterhood sha kanya pouh eigh. Ishn’t it? Hihi…

    1. Ahrmsh, hi aman pouh Peyk Lande! Ahrmsh, ashk quoh lungzh pouh, retokated pouh bah yung dilash muoh? Puhrang pouh kashe edih kah nukuh brashesh puhteh utahksh muoh puoh. Nyweizh, I shmell a dishehbled en dyedyehm0n Peyker shayuoh pouh eigh. Rayt? Hihi…

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