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Bold and Baring

Of course, no straight guy in general would admit of a samesie, i.e., male to male relationships.  Except, of course, actor and underwear model Carlos Agassi, who admitted in news articles how he got into a relationship of the m2m kind in the past. You know, including tainting the turd tunnel, tee-hee. Carlos has since turned straight and is in a happy relationship with a woman.
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  1. Is it Gerry Barrican? Kwento yan ng friend ko na friend ni Carlos at gym buddy nya sa YMCA Makati. That was in 2000 or 2001.

  2. I think sa Belair Makati nakatira ang Agassi siblings and palagi sa Bliss Homes naglalaro ng basketball ang magkakapatid na ito kasi super lapit lang nun dun sa kanila. Yung party girl house mate ko naman dati na exotica ang beauty ay naka-jug na nito ni Carlos and hindi naman daw kalakihan ang nowts. Pero gwapo, makinis, artista and walang kyeme si otoko so bakit sya aarte. 😀

  3. Bading to! Nagkakalat to dati sa Slimmers World Pasay Road. Sabi ng friend ko na doctor na dun din nag gygym kakaturn off daw talaga kc sobrang landi sa locker room.

    1. Hearsay. naniwala ka naman. your doctor friend may be the one flirting but his ugliness is hanggang leeg. tsugi! waley!

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