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When the world was a wee bit younger,  teenagers new to showbiz, Matteo Guidicelli [front] and Dominic Roque gamely posed in their underwear, unaware of the bright future ahead for them. Of course, these days they got the memo from management never to strip naked in public anymore.

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  1. Matteo? Mukhang reggie lang itey.. hindi ibig sabihin na may lahing italian eh malaki na kagad..pwede naman magmana sa mother’s side lol!

  2. PLU yang si DOM. Jowa nyan ngayon si IVAN TOLENTINO PORCALLA, may ari ng EXKLUSIV bar sa malate.

  3. isa lang ang nagmamay ari ke dom at james at yun ay walang iba kungdi si ray-ray. yan ivan tolentino di totoo yan yan yung baklita na may ari ng bar sa malate na mahilig i issue at isabit sarili nya sa mga sikat lol para pag usapan ang feelingera na payatot na mukhang tuko na baklang tolentino na yan.

  4. lahat ng suki bar goers knows that james and dom and rayver are fubus when drunk, even the girls knows that.

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