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Here we go again. No, not the nekkid boy, but I’m referring to the season – the Christmas season. It’s that time of the year when almost everyone’s on a heightened sense of giving. Although it is still my favorite time of the year because of the unlimited food, insane parties and cheap gifts, Christmas season can really drive someone nuts. Imagine the traffic and the crowds.  Maybe, and I’m just thinking out loud – the reason why most people wish for “Peace on Earth” during the Christmas season is because they really want some peace and quiet at this time. Image above: Vincent Villaver, part-time model, bikini open contestant.
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  1. Tila matamlay ang reaction sa Christmas boy na ito kahit na kita pwet. Di kasi siguro ganun kaganda ang pagkakakuha. But I’m sure in person, katakam-takam siya.

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