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You are what you eat!

Do you spit or swallow? Does it necessarily define you with what you eat? Your health, looks, and well-being result from the kinds of food you consume.  In other words, what goes into your mouth, defines you. No, I’m just kidding with that one.  I’m writing this because I’m just addicted lately with reruns of the show You Are What You Eat, a dieting program aired in the UK a few years back. It’s quite revolutionary and shocking how people are made to lose weight in the program. you should watch it, and I’m pretty sure you’ll get some insights along the way on how to lose those nasty flabs. In photo: Vincent Villaver.
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  1. i swallow… kung matagal ko nang kilala… or kung super linis ang lalaki!

    i spit… kung one night stand lang… mahirap na kung anong meron sya d b?

    and remember, it passes thru the same tube as piss… eh kung may kasamang puss yung piss? yack!!! ewe!!!

  2. i hate all body fluids. i’m always thinking about the smell, traces of blood, toxins, bacteria and viruses.

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