Hot Men in the Philippines


Vivamax has been constantly pushing the limelight towards the bit players who are willing to, well, drop trou and show some bouncy cheeks. This time, its erstwhile teen actor Angelo Ilagan, who had his fair share of artsy flicks when he was wee bit younger. Now, he’s more than ready for mature roles as he takes on the lead for Vivamax’s latest sex flick Room Service. Do you think he’s bold-movies leading material?

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  1. The girl is essentially a beautiful body of work, is that melai cantiverras? She is perfect for hot films

  2. Ang cute cute nito nung bagets pa, akala ko nga lalaki na pang matinee idol ang itsura, sabay ngek punggok na so so lang ang naging itsura.

  3. Pansin ko lang sa ibang actors like elizalde, ilagan, ect. Saka lang mag eexpose kung kelan hindi na yummy. Kung kelan tatang na stocky na yung body.

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