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He was the quintessential (sexually) abusive uncle with the huge dickie in Ang Lihim Ni Antonio (shown 2009). Now, Josh Ivan Morales is back doing what he loves best – to act in front of the cameras, of course! He is in the upcoming Vivamax flick Rita, and judging from the stills, he’s definitely still in his game! How old were you when Lihim came out?

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    1. Highh pouh titah Anonymoush. Ahm, Momsh RD, shino pouh yean shya? Puhrang older and bulkier Titoh Jo pouh shya eigh, pero hhot rin aman pouh shya. Hihi.

  1. Hello To all of you,
    I am back to greet you again from Las Vegas Nevada USA. JOSH IVAN MORALES is my ex parter in life we talk about success in life. And we do love having sex at the kitchen and garage in our home in Las Vegas USA.
    Apollo Jay Robles 🇺🇸🇺🇲🇺🇸🇺🇲

    1. Delulu kase IP Address mo nagpapakita na andito ka lang sa Manila. LOL. Bigyan nalang kita ng Multiple Entry Visa to all SM Malls sa bansa, G?

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