Hot Men in the Philippines


It’s not just Albie who showed some acting chops in the latest Vivamax offering Salawahan. One of the leading men, Van Allen Ong also made it into the Buns Festival. He was a former teen actor, and of course, the transition to mature roles would not be complete without some gratuitous display of flesh.

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  1. ‘Uy, pogi. 🙂
    (To the Alta Rosa, someone recently used my identity to reply to you in, perhaps, an abrasive manner… Idol, teach us ‘four points’ technique, po!)

    1. You’re the omne who steals other people’s usernames, misspell words and deliberately pretend to know anything and everything.

  2. Hes cute.. boyish.. which is a plus. Ang problem nya ata is yung height. I can imagine.. dyuts ang potoytoy hahaha!

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