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The other boys of WK

WK is of course the new gay movie from DMV Entertainment, Walang Kawala starring Polo Ravales and Joseph Bitangcol, plus the sexy guy in the previous post.  The movie – which is “a story of true love, rape and revenge,” will show lots of skin, of course, as a come-on for the intended audience.  One of the boys in WK is Dexter Castro, a Ginoong Pilipinas runner-up way back and a bikini contest vet. In WK, he is one of the dancers in support of the new tease in town, Marco Morales.  Dexter Castro was last seen in the video Erotika: M2M 2 [The Art of Striptease and Sensual Dancing].

Another boy in the background looks like that teen actor in GMA 7, who goes by the name of Aljur.  Cute and cuddly, this bit player – name unknown at the moment – is in the scene where Marco gets to do his mean striptease [I’m not so sure if the full frontal of Mr. Morales gets through the cutting-room floom].  Walang Kawala will be having its uncut premiere at the UP Film Institute on November 6. Regular screening in theaters around Metro Manila, Cebu and Bacolod start on November 12.
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  1. RD you’re a naughty naughty boy. You deserve a spank… no, spankS!

    Anyways, ang sarap ng mga body hair nila. Pagkatapos ko siguro sa kanila, my teeth will be pearly white! Salamat sa floss!

  2. yung kasama nila na dalawa pa na nakablack…yun ang sunod mo na ipakita sa amin…kasi parang see-thru suot nila…bakat or aninag ang mga nota nila!!!!! yummy!!!!

  3. the resemblance is only at first glance, if you examine him closely he doesn’t quite fit the aljur-factor ^^ (proud aljurian here)

  4. I love dexter castro. Bien hombre y guapito.

    is the 2nd pic really aljur abrenica? parang ala sa current status nya ang maghubad eh. at first sight, i really thought maybe this guy could be some mere look alike who’d use aljur fame. if this is really aljur, hmmmm lagi ko tong visit itong particular blog entry. hehe and i’d expect he’d show more. i love aljur. btw, he’s obviously not that one in the rumored scandal. if this is really him, i hope to see more of aljur.

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