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Zanjoe Relaxed

Model, comedian and occasional actor Zanjoe Marudo is calm and relaxed. He is actually slowing down a bit after all the projects that he’s been getting in his home studio. Although his sexy boy-group Coverboys has temporarily shifted to inactive status, Zanjoe just finished two tv series – The Wedding and Lovers in Paris, the latter requiring him to stay in France for quite some time.  This gangly model has indeed gone a long way in showbiz ever since he started on Big Brother.
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  1. i don’t get it…what is with this guy at napakalapit naman niya sa grasya ng abs? sabi nga, parang hawak niya ang kaldero samantalang di naman kagwapuhan at di rin ganon kagaling umarte?

    anyone out there knows the answer?

  2. kasi po hawak din sya ni enrico santos. “hawak” is an understatement po. sana maliwanagan po kayo.

  3. Paging bench Body, isn’t he one of your product endorsers? Why is he wearing Joe Boxer undies?

    Anyways, I agree with Anonymous (9:42 AM). Why does ABSCBN keep on giving him shows when he doesn’t have any outstanding or remarkable talent? He doesn’t even have a strong fanbase and his Star Power is questionable. All his shows were axed due to low ratings such as Parekoy. Aalog-alog, and soon to be cancelled Banana Split. I think ABSCBN is trying to make a “Palibhasa Lalake” comedic group out of Zanjoe, John and Jayson. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to work and perhaps their TV execs are too blind to figure it out.

  4. oh my gulayl! no kidney? may show na naman ang mamang ito sa channel 2? sobra na talaga. maski pa certified kapamilya ako, marunong naman ako umamin kung sino ang bano at sino ang walang karapatan lumabas sa tv. at si zanjoe po yun.
    hmp. may naaamoy akong di kanais-nais talaga.

  5. gumagaling na si papa z umarte…kaya blessed sya..maraming shows sa abs..and take note,mabait at down-to-earth din sya..parang si papa p..good luck papa z…sana matapos na ang the wedding and lovers mo…god bless…

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