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Sorry, the Ad Standards Council called and they had to hide AVO‘s nips. Exposing areolae in public is “against traditional family values.” But seriously, aren’t you as nonplussed as I am now with the latest Bench Body hashtag in its ads? Because you see, AVO is as Dutch as a giant windmill. Unless they’re referring to the underwear line, of course, silly me.

AlexanderTapWell, not all fly-in models in Manila are from Brazil. Here’s one from the Republic of Belarus – Alexander Taptsov. He’s 23 years old and has gone around Asia for his modeling stints. He could be another ideal Bench Body model, as he fits the tiny undergarments to a T.

Nilo Lima If you could just stop looking at the bod first and focus on his other qualifications. Brazilian model in our midst, Nilo Lima lists himself as a personal trainer, writer and rapper. Now, that is something to crow about, above all that near-perfect physique, handsome mug and huge thing down there that looks like a penis.


Maybe, just maybe, the reason why Bench Body prefers foreign models more than the local ones is that fly in models are not too queasy-conscious showing off their assets in the littlest and thinnest of underthings. You know how their briefs are made of, sort of diaphanous and see-through. Like what 19-year-old German model Frederik Ruegger is wearing, I can almost see his bratwurst! Love local, indeed!

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      1. ay korek ka jan. panget tlg. tapos, pag nag underwear, wala man lang bukol na maaninag. hahahaha. tangkad lang tlg maipagmamalaki nito!

  1. masarap lang susuhin ang burat ni AVO kasi basketball player. sa totoo lang mukha siyang kambing. hahaha

  2. Yaman Yaman na ni AVO, daming endorsement na. hindi nya yan kailagan . Mga Rumors lang, pero masarap mag fantasize 😉

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