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MarkkiIt has been a while since we posted some racy pictures of singer-actor-exhibitionist hunk Markki Strøm. Of course, he still has the smashing body, the one he showed off at last year’s fleshpectacular Bench The Naked Truth show. And although he’s a bit conservative in dainty greens and flowers in his boxer briefs this time, Markki’s still smokin’, pecs and abs and all that hotness!

Note: I’m off on a European trip. Don’t worry I won’t post pictures of my frumpy selfies and bore you with the postcard-pretty images of Old World scenery. It’s just that I might not be able to moderate your comments for a while. Keep ’em coming though. And be classy with the catfight!

27 thoughts on “Markki marked”

  1. RD, wala bang raw hi-res version ng photo na ito? Please tell me there is one? Kindly share if youbger a copy including the post yesterday with Dennis. Thanks and enjoy your trip.

  2. Nice RD. Enjoy Europe! Put Gay Madrid, Berlin and Vienna in your itinerary;) Vienna is home to a bath house for the royalties in the old world and it still exists today. It’s called Kaiserbrundl. Kaiser meaning King! Enjoy!!!

    1. Mukhang nagresearch ka talaga ng todo sa internet OR binasa mo lahat nung travel-books sa Fully Booked!


      Sige, humirit ka ng “Why don’t you work hard para makapagtravel ka sa Europe etc…” LAME like your DICK!!!


        1. Oo, kasing bitter nung tamod ng tatay mo na palagi mong iniinom.

          True yan kase kwinento mo yan saken araw-araw.


  3. I know what you did there, RD. Yeah, that was so cheap, I agree. Only those who are new to such things would post those photos. Buti sana kung di siya nakasira sa view.

  4. True po ba na si gerald anderson ang leading man ni vice ganda sa movie nya sa december? Pumayag n daw si gege magpatikim kay vice ganda. Ano kayang say ni majarot dito?

  5. ang ibang nagcocomment dito grabe kung makapang husga. wagas. may pruweba ba kayo na bakla siya? asan? ipakita niyo na. wala na ba talaga kayong ibang masabi aa mga artistang lalaki kundi bakla? humarap kayo sa salamin. makikita niyo dun kumg sino ang bakla.

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