Hot Men in the Philippines


DSC06343 copyHot, hot, hot! Dancer Zeus Collins is wet in the shade, away from the summer sun. And although the heat’s turned up high, sexy Zeus is still solid and stiff, er, stable in midday fun. With the sexy mien and well-sculpted bod [plus a scandalous swelling!], he’s all I need for my dog days ahead.

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      1. Hindi! Si John Knight lang ang gay hindi si Kuya Germs. Sana itigil niyo na yung mga pagpapakalat na gay si Kuya Germs please… Thanks!

  1. Pansin ko lang favorite mo ata RD lately si Zeus ha! Ok lang we’re not complaining! hehehhe cute and sexy naman e!

  2. sobrang sikip naman at liit ng undies kaya bumakat ng ganyan. pero in fairness gwapo sya at ang kinis

    1. teh, spandex po yan, swimming trunks, liliit talaga kahit tarugo pa yan, kasi kung hindi eskandalo sa mga swimming competitions pag nagkataon.

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