Dance, Dance!


Now it’s rude if you ask me why he has a dance concert tonight in a tony place. It’s just that Zeus Arellano a.k.a. Zeus Collins is a popular dancer-model these days. He has a massiveĀ fan- and support base. He does the pop and lock well. Heck, he might even dance the funky chicken in his white jockeys! So, why not attend his concert tonight! Deets are in the poster below.


43 thoughts on “Dance, Dance!”

    1. Sakay ka pa-monumento tapos mrt baba ka sa guadalupe station then sakay ka jeep pa bgc. Patulong ka na lang din sa mamang tsuper. San ka ba sa bulacan? Ako sa Malolos pa manggagaling. Sana wag umulan.

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