Dick Talk

Dick Cuenca continues to push the envelope and challenge himself in the method acting department. This time, he’s doing a limited run of the stage play Dick Talk where he promises to deliver. By deliver, we just don’t know yet, but he teases that “the wildness in me will come out.” Whether that’s a penis coming out of dem shorts, we are gladly anticipating. Don’t miss its limited run at the RCBC Theater on April 15, 16, 18, 19, 20, 21, and 23. Get your tickets via Ticketworld.

Body Image

Surprise! It’s Derrick Monasterio, one of our favorite boys in this site in a candid moment for Bench underwear. This one’s real, better for me where some flesh and flab get the spotlight. He may be the burly bloke of the filtered posts of the underwear company, but this one takes the cake (no pun), with all the love handles. I like this look, if you ask me.

Thigh Part

Is his stock on the rise? David Licauco’s reeling from the success of his recent tv series. These days, he’s swearing off nudity, a.k.a. Bench Body ads of the bulge variety, for reasons of, uh, propriety and a clean-cut image. We respect that, but any bit of flesh showing is gladly appreciated. Like these photos of legs and bum parts. We love his bits.

Sugar Baby

Marco Gumabao stays relevant these days (summer days) by baring once more in his Penshoppe Core undies for the upcoming rom-com Baby Girl, Baby Boy of Viva Films. He’s playing a sugar baby (hence the fat woman in that scene), and of course, he plays the role to a T – body, bulge and all. Baby Boy , Baby Girl is directed by Jason Paul Laxamana and opens March 22.

Face and Body

The are advanced tools these days to check if the picture is photoshopped or not. AI can detect if the face or body of a model has been manipulated to make the image more “perfect” or symmetrical. In Derrick Monasterio’s case, I think he’s showing the real thing, by serving us face and body. The torso and arms and legs have been toned from hours of work in the gym (plus, plus). Whaddya. think?