Body Image

Surprise! It’s Derrick Monasterio, one of our favorite boys in this site in a candid moment for Bench underwear. This one’s real, better for me where some flesh and flab get the spotlight. He may be the burly bloke of the filtered posts of the underwear company, but this one takes the cake (no pun), with all the love handles. I like this look, if you ask me.

The World and Universe

We love male pageants because the men wear bikinis and swimwear. And there is an unspoken rule that, the bigger the bulge, the better one has chances of getting the top prize. And so, Erik Visser (left) won the top prize in his Universe contest with his ballsy performance, while Kirk Bondad is a shoo-in for the World pageant with his pointed enthusiasm. Determination is key.


Trust Vivamax to bring out the boys in their sexy moments. The latest one to come out of the woodwork is John Rhey Flores, who gets to have his more-than-fifteen-minutes of fame in the new film Suki, coming this Friday. Of course, if it’s from Vivamax, it must be gooood. Like butt-scenes and ball-sacs good. If John looks familiar, he has been in bikini contests in the past, and the current beau of a showbiz personality.

Brandon Very Extraordinary

The country has fully opened its doors to foreigners coming in and we’re grateful and fully open, too, for these male models who come into us. Like Brandon Espiritu, who’s been here showing off his fine bod and skills as a model and personal trainer (yes, you can contact him for legit training). We love ’em boys in skin-tight underwear, really!

Luke’s VPL

If only the strict moral codes of the advertising industry were relaxed a wee bit more, then we can have more VPLed underwear models from Bench and its ilk, like Hanford. Luke Conde, who’s a struggling actor and now an undergarments catalog model shows us how to do it. Here, we can see that he’s up for the sexy challenge.

Man Hot Star

It won’t be a while until Jovy Bequillo, newest hot boy discovery on the pageant circuit, will be on a Vivamax movie displaying that wonderful chunk of flesh on the small screen. In the meantime, he’s in Thailand competing with other, er, Thai boys for the Man Hot Star contest. I told you, male pageants are hotbeds for hot boys in skimpy bikinis. And you know that already.