Body Image

Surprise! It’s Derrick Monasterio, one of our favorite boys in this site in a candid moment for Bench underwear. This one’s real, better for me where some flesh and flab get the spotlight. He may be the burly bloke of the filtered posts of the underwear company, but this one takes the cake (no pun), with all the love handles. I like this look, if you ask me.

Face and Body

The are advanced tools these days to check if the picture is photoshopped or not. AI can detect if the face or body of a model has been manipulated to make the image more “perfect” or symmetrical. In Derrick Monasterio’s case, I think he’s showing the real thing, by serving us face and body. The torso and arms and legs have been toned from hours of work in the gym (plus, plus). Whaddya. think?

How to Cum More

Just Google it, or stare at this unfiltered photo of Derrick Monasterio sitting down. I like this photo better, with all the flaws and flab, balls and bulge. This is his real body. And yes, I know he’s taking too much space lately in this site. But look at the merits of Derrick during these times when there’s a dearth of boys in undies. So here’s another post extolling the body of showbiz’s manly hunk. Enjoy!

Extra! Extra!

It is rare we make a double booking, er, post. Yasser Marta gets to be on that exceptional list because he’s young, new and bulging it out for Bench/Body. We take all that we can. Fun fact: this 26-year-old Filipino-Portuguese actor reportedly auditioned for the role that was eventually given to Paolo Gumabao in Lockdown. Imagine we could have seen more.


It’s only a matter of sweet, sexy time before he drops trou and displays his hirsute body, legs and all. Bench/Body had to do the convincing and the caption is “summer came early with this Bench Body feature on Yasser Marta.” Of course, everyone came prematurely, as this is the first time that the model-actor put on dem briefs for a shoot! Here’s hoping more to come from Yasser !


While we patiently wait for the underwear company’s summer campaign, here’s Derrick Monasterio in all his young-ish freshness as a Bench/Body top endorser. He is so cute here I can’t decide if he’s hot and sexy in this photo, or just plain adorable as a puppy. Since he took off the shirt and pants, I’ll go for “hot and sexy” for now, although I would love to pinch those, uh, abs and other bulges in the name of cuteness.