Chunky Hot

This could probably be an audition, a call for Vivamax to cast chunky boy-men, who are big and strong, protruding in all the abundant and relevant places of the beautiful male form. Bit player Nathan Garcia is that, and he fits that bill to a T. I told you so, things (and boys) always get hotter in the summer. Here’s a fitting (or fit) hunky man to start the season right!

Thigh Part

Is his stock on the rise? David Licauco’s reeling from the success of his recent tv series. These days, he’s swearing off nudity, a.k.a. Bench Body ads of the bulge variety, for reasons of, uh, propriety and a clean-cut image. We respect that, but any bit of flesh showing is gladly appreciated. Like these photos of legs and bum parts. We love his bits.


Don’t keep your hopes up, yet. David Licauco and Derrick Monasterio are in the beach paradise Boracay, and everyone is happy. They are there for work, and we love to see these two popular boys on the beach in all their shirtless states. Summer’s coming soon and we know Bench is cooking something hot and spicy for the season.

How to Cum More

Just Google it, or stare at this unfiltered photo of Derrick Monasterio sitting down. I like this photo better, with all the flaws and flab, balls and bulge. This is his real body. And yes, I know he’s taking too much space lately in this site. But look at the merits of Derrick during these times when there’s a dearth of boys in undies. So here’s another post extolling the body of showbiz’s manly hunk. Enjoy!

Man Pusing

Champion swimmer and triathlete Clifford Pusing takes a naked dip into showbiz and how! He’s starring in the latest Vivamax (of course!) coming-of-age flick Tag-Init, where he showed his acting chops, tush and bulge. That’s a lot for a newbie. With such gratuitous display of flesh in the “romantic-drama” movie, it seems like he’s quite a sport.

Extra! Extra!

It is rare we make a double booking, er, post. Yasser Marta gets to be on that exceptional list because he’s young, new and bulging it out for Bench/Body. We take all that we can. Fun fact: this 26-year-old Filipino-Portuguese actor reportedly auditioned for the role that was eventually given to Paolo Gumabao in Lockdown. Imagine we could have seen more.


It’s only a matter of sweet, sexy time before he drops trou and displays his hirsute body, legs and all. Bench/Body had to do the convincing and the caption is “summer came early with this Bench Body feature on Yasser Marta.” Of course, everyone came prematurely, as this is the first time that the model-actor put on dem briefs for a shoot! Here’s hoping more to come from Yasser !