Markki XXX

In a world gone vanilla-bland, Markki Stroem continues to push the different colors and hues of the rainbow towards the edges. Or what’s possible. The actor-singer-host, who has starred in much-talked-about queer movies during the pandemic, is now launching his own underwear line, and he’s the model! Called MXXI, you can now pre-order by messaging him on social media. He responds ASAP.


There’s a new boy in hot social media town, and his name is Nadim Elzein. The 23-year-old Filipino-Lebanese student and model won the recently concluded Misters of Filipinas. Born and raised in the UAE, he came to local shores to study. He stayed ever since, and UAE’s loss is local tinseltown’s gain!

Paul Revered

For the life of me (and this blog), I still don’t get it why Bench Body employs the services of Paul Andre Salas in its underwear ads, considering there are models and actors with better looks and bodies out there. (This is the part where you comment on the most likely and deserving models for the brand). But, it is what it is, there are images out and it is still travesty not to share. Here it is.