It was his 27th birthday yesterday (August 1), so his balls get an Appreciation Post today. Derrick Monasterio is undoubtedly one of the hottest showbiz boys these days with his physical traits enhanced to a T. This Bench Body picture was published a few months ago, but a closeup shot is always better. We need more, shall we see more?


The hottest showbiz scene this week is that of Migs Almendras topping Marco Gomez in a sexy, sweaty daisy chain in the series High (School) on Sex. Of course, if it’s from Vivamax, it must be gooood. The two newbies play confused mates, and they make up for most of the cutesy gay portions of the series. Cutesy and more, actually.

Sex Scenes

Don’t we just love Vivamax these days? The streaming service is normalizing male nudity – front, back and center, and we’re loving it. New actors get to show off their acting abilities and then some. Like Juami Gutierrez a.k.a Juan Miguel Tinoco, who won the teen search Circle of Ten a few years back. This time he’s ready for mature roles, e.g. intense crotch shots.

In the Flesh

First-tier actor Alden Richards is showing some skin in his latest outing for Mega magazine. It looks good from here, although I prefer the chunky, chubby Alden of yore. He’s shedding some clothes for the fandom, but he won’t wear briefs for photo shoots, though. So the pictures above would have to be the closest encounter with some sexy Alden. We’ll have to make do, of course.

A Family Affair

That’s the title of the new series on ABS-CBN and it looks like the good genes run in the family. Jake Ejercito, Sam Milby, Gerald Anderson and Jameson Blake (l-r in the photos), tease in all their shirtless glory, and everything is good again. I am curious about your top choice among the boys though.