While we may never know the real reasons why Manhunt Phils 2019 winner Daumier “Dom” Corilla is joining a bikini open this time, we are grateful for the skimpy white swimwear that he wears for the contest. The tall model is our collective object of fantasy, dream boy, kink kick, at the moment. With his good looks and hot body, Dom is surely raking in admirers who only have wild and prurient fantasies of this guy.

Bikini Open

You know everything’s going back to normal when the bikini competitions start to sprout. And when Allen Ong Molina, the ultimate bikini open regular and consistent winner, re-appears from one-piece oblivion. He’s competing in the Cosmo Manila King & Queen contest, dubbed as “the search for the risqué runway models.” They had me at risqué, so let’s see.

M and M

It’s Pageants Sunday! While we may never know the true meaning and purpose of male pageants, one thing is for sure: they provide lurid entertainment for our salacious site, especially in the swimwear show. Michael Ver Comaling (l) and Mico Teng pose in the swimwear/underwear segment of the last contest they were in. Keep them coming, boys!

Sons of @#$%#%!

Well, what do we have here? Weekend came early with a five-boys surprise. These are the main boys in the new movie “Anak ng Macho Dancer” coming out soon. (l-r) Miko Pasamonte, Charles Nathan, Sean de Guzman, Ricky Gumera and Mhack Morales are ready to strut their stiff.., er.. stuff!



Where do male models go to retire? In bed, of course! That’s my lame attempt at a joke. Today’s main post is older male mod Jhonmark Marcia, who went from struggling bikini boy to Mister Philippines, and back again. It’s a big cycle of bikinidom come, actually. Somehow, we’re wishing he’d take off the Bench undies. Oh wait he already did! Continue reading Scandalous