Notable Allen

Bikini open contestants often take a bad rap. However, Allen Molina tethers between the sleaze and upmarket tastes of the audience. He’s a bit of both, sometimes he’s just too adorable where it counts, and oft times, he’s naughty with the ample showing of ass and then some. Today, he makes his mark again for the new year.

Jo and Tito Mark

Meet Aljon Padua, one-time bikini open contestant, who is the current toast of racy social media for his Tito Mark videos. He’s seen talking to an offscreen Tito Mark (the one recording) while he’s taking a shower and wiping his privates dry. Heck, I’ve been banned from your work (NSFW), I might as well post some caps on this lazy-ass day.


jayvie-ramos jayvie2

Speaking of work done on one’s bod, I get all these unexpected mails from wayward readers (thank you!). These ones came in the mail for Sleazy Tuesday, and sometimes you get a serving of the other side of sexy boys vice models and celebs. Heck, I’ve already been banned where you work (NSFW) and the dick shot wouldn’t matter anyways. So there. Dick shot.

Mr. Supranational

ar18 ar22

It’s the season of beauty contests, and 22-year-old AR de la Serna is off to another underwear-and-tux show in Poland for the Mr. Supranational contest. These are the before-and-after photos, and the image on the left was taken four years ago when barely-legal AR was just emerging from all the baby fat. These days, he’s a hottie.

In Top Form

juneWhile we’re on the Manhunt International topic, June Macasaet is the current titleholder, having won it in 2012. He’s somewhat a favorite in this site, with his constant features of countless shirtless and underwear shots. He looks better nearly-nekkid in ‘dem undergear as if to the manner born, and that is reason enough for this post.

Bumper Crop


The main purpose of male personality contests, aside from, of course, fostering world peace, alleviating poverty, and raising awareness for HIV that is timely and relevant to our country, is to show off boys in racy-frilly speedos.  Recently, a Mr. Philippines contest was held, and they had seven winners. Their names and fancy titles are as follows (l-r): Kian Sumague of San Pablo City (Mr. Tourism World), Jason Martin of Queensland, Australia (Mr. Worldwide), Christian Lumasag of Cebu City (Best Global Model of the Year), main winner Andrea Biondo of Vittoria, Italy (Mister Universal Ambassador), Job Abogado of Camarines Sur (Mr. Model International), Paul Renzo Velo of London (Mr. Tourism International), and Mark Joshua Marquez of Rome, Italy (Mr. Teen International). Who do you like?

The red bikini


Dave Franco is one of the favorite barely-legal objects of visual adoration in this site. We’ve always advocated diversity in our posts – from models and wannabes down to the boys of the bikini joints. Nineteen-year-old Dave teeters between these classes, most of the time in his tiny ‘kinis and thongs. He’s a nice chap and just plain hot!

A peep

june2 june1Bikini open guy Junebrix Nuestro shows a bit of lovin’!

Back and front

hans210 hans211If you can just put your imagination to salacious mode, then new-in-town Brazilian model  Hans Weiser might just be it for visual pleasure . When I look at this guy, I can smell S-E-X, if you ask me. I see sweat, lots of hair down there. I get a whiff of a strong musky, masculine scent. Blemishes and all, Hans is oozing with real man imperfection and irregularity.

nash1 copyHere in this this site, we do not discriminate. From high-end (-class?) models to bikini open contestants, all is fair in the great underwear carny.  So today, we feature a relative newcomer in the flesh-and-tease contests of late. His name is Nash Ko and I do not even know if that’s his actual name during the day time. What I know though, is that this Nash guy has a lot of promise.

This Summer’s Gonna Hurt Like a Motherf****r.

dindoThree bikini boys in one day is not too impossible in this site. Heck, I can give you more but for today, there are three. For now. The boys came in the mail today, courtesy of the organizers of B-Naked: The Elite Super Model Quest, which will be held on May 27, 2015 at the Music Museum. First boy, groins and all, is Dindo Lescano, who’s been competing in bikini competitions for some time now.

jl 2Then there’s JL Dizon, who’s bringing sexy (and the mullet) back! You might remember him as the innocent little boy who locked lips and rubbed crotches with the ultimate gay indie tease, Marco Morales in Dreamguyz. JL is still a dream, in some ways.

mikoThe third boy is Miko Laurel, who’s also a bikini open veteran. If you do a Google search, you’ll see lots of images of this guy in various states of undress. That’s a good thing.  And so, I am reminding you – as this is the real purpose of this post – to watch this competition. It’s not the tease-and-sleaze type. Well, maybe a bit, but the boys are good and gorgeous and bikini-clad. Just watch.  Buy your tickets at TicketWorld 891.9999, Music Museum 721.0635  or from Roldan 0905 359.509.

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