Notable Allen

Bikini open contestants often take a bad rap. However, Allen Molina tethers between the sleaze and upmarket tastes of the audience. He’s a bit of both, sometimes he’s just too adorable where it counts, and oft times, he’s naughty with the ample showing of ass and then some. Today, he makes his mark again for the new year.

The Unsullied

IMG_9194In a world of boys bopping their baloneys in the worldwide web (a “scandal,” in the words of guttersnipes), one boy comes out untarnished by the harsh indignities of performing lascivious acts for all the world to see. Bikini Open King Allen Molina may be averse to clothes and teasing in his thongs most of the time, but he doesn’t have any of those all-too revealing videos. That’s a good thing, right?

Dancing Kings

allen allen2

Today’s menu consists of buns and fresh man meat! Allen Molina serves up some wet, wet buttocks in a bikini competition he ruled most recently. Allen’s always comfy and buck-arse naked in the contests he’s in, always a real treat to the audience.

Albert11 Albert14If you can dance nearly-nekkid in a big hall full of howling (amused) people with just a tiny silk sac covering your shaft and scrotum, then you’re definitely a winner. Top that off with a bangin’ bod and some suave moves a la Filipino macho dancer. Albert Gonzales was the runaway winner in this contest, actually.


AllenI’m busy traveling today, so the easiest post would be about this boy who doesn’t need re-touching in his photos: The Constant Contestant, Allen Molina. He’s upping the ante in bikini competitions by losing some more fabric in dem ‘kinis and carelessly exposing his plump and flawless derriere. Of course, we’re not complaining. Others might follow suit.

Fine Young Man

AllenOh, that boy with the smiling eyes! He looks fresh, he’s cute and sexy, too. His body’s finely carved and shaped. “All natural,” he says. And we believe him, partly because he says it matter-of-factly, partly due to his innocent little boy face. Indeed, Allen Molina is moving to a bigger stage this coming year, after his star turn in the Bench show a few months back!