Alex Diaz in the Shower

“He was standing in the middle of the shower facing the back with the shower hitting his back. He was standing behind the opened door! I guess he thought it was enough cover for him to masturbate without being accidentally seen, but guess what, it wasn’t! Especially from the angle I was looking! At first I thought he was just washing his genitals. I noticed that he was fondling his balls area, and when he leaned back I could see his full raging hard-on!”

Sons of @#$%#%!

Well, what do we have here? Weekend came early with a five-boys surprise. These are the main boys in the new movie “Anak ng Macho Dancer” coming out soon. (l-r) Miko Pasamonte, Charles Nathan, Sean de Guzman, Ricky Gumera and Mhack Morales are ready to strut their stiff.., er.. stuff!


Jameson’s Back!

I am mighty glad the actors are all working again, slowly getting back to the general scheme of things slowly. The boys are also getting more daring, losing inhibitions along the digital way, as free tv became, uh, scarce. Young actor Jameson Blake is seen here in full butt-on glory for Loving Emily available on the iWantTFC Channel. Do you like what you see?