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Sons of @#$%#%!

Well, what do we have here? Weekend came early with a five-boys surprise. These are the main boys in the new movie “Anak ng Macho Dancer” coming out soon. (l-r) Miko Pasamonte, Charles Nathan, Sean de Guzman, Ricky Gumera and Mhack Morales are ready to strut their stiff.., er.. stuff!


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  1. First!
    Miko – is that u bables
    Charles – tisoy like!
    Sean – dapat all the way sa movie
    Ricky – reyes lolz
    Mack – bad boy/emo of the group

  2. Ang mga CHUCHUPAIN At 1 year FuBu Contract with Mama Joed Serrano (in payment for their House & Lot exchange)…

  3. Oh ehm, Puhrang bet ko po yung tatlo sa gitna. Pehroh if you zoom in poh, puhrang kita na poh yung base ng titi ni Kua Sean, pehroh pag nilagyan poh ng biton, titibay yon? Hihi, Thanks so much Momsh RD!!!

    1. Ako naman mas gusto ko ung 2nd from the right. Sya pinakamaganda katawan, especially puwet and oozing with sex appeal.

  4. teka muna! is that Miko Pasamonte ? anyare? he looks so much different and much younger. or photoshopped lang yan?

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