New Breed

Ever since he showed his beautiful backside in an earlier Vivamax flick, Marco Gallo’s not stopping now with his sexy movies. He gets to choke his chockful chicken in Kitty X, and it’s such a delight watching him in those scenes. There is always something naughty about the word “breed” and it’s a bit exciting. The excitement heightens if it involves young blood (and bodies).

Beach Boys

The boys with the best bodies in showbiz are undoubtedly Vin Abrenica and Derrick Monasterio. Motivation Monday’s post is all about them so that fat people can be inspired on their way to wellness and fitness. Or at least, we can gawk and gape at those fine lines and bumps and bulges. Whatever stimulates your salacious lot.

Sex Scenes

Don’t we just love Vivamax these days? The streaming service is normalizing male nudity – front, back and center, and we’re loving it. New actors get to show off their acting abilities and then some. Like Juami Gutierrez a.k.a Juan Miguel Tinoco, who won the teen search Circle of Ten a few years back. This time he’s ready for mature roles, e.g. intense crotch shots.

In the Flesh

First-tier actor Alden Richards is showing some skin in his latest outing for Mega magazine. It looks good from here, although I prefer the chunky, chubby Alden of yore. He’s shedding some clothes for the fandom, but he won’t wear briefs for photo shoots, though. So the pictures above would have to be the closest encounter with some sexy Alden. We’ll have to make do, of course.