Boys Briefly

Well, what can I do if these are the only boys dropping trou these days? Daniel Matsunaga still does it for Avon Men, while Vin Abrenica’s continues to feel beautiful in Hanford. There is always someone for everyone, and the boys are serving the fans some underwear bulge hotness here.


This could be Nico Fowler’s dick appearing in the the indie movie Sabado. It looks clean and promising and I would like to imagine it is the real deal. Nico, who’s a Canadian model in our midst, is making the transition to acting. He’s slated to appear in a new BL movie called Love at the End of the World where he’s expected to show more.

Body Positivity

He may not fit the mold of the typical underwear model of yore, but Ejay Falcon’s slaying the endorsement for Natasha Philippines with his undergarments photos. We celebrate all kinds of bodies (and dicks, of the good kind) in this site. Ejay may not have one of the very best of bods out there, but some things are working out just fine.

Cheeky Markki

The trailer for the new Markki Stroem movie, Love At The End of the World, just came out (no pun) and it looks promising. Sex-wise. Markki’s butt-naked in bed with showbiz newcomer Khalid Ruiz, and they’re about to do the deed. It looks dreamy and if I can copulate like that with a guy like Markki …. I digress. We can’t wait for this movie.

Getting a Kick Out of Kiko

I received a lot of requests lately for a Kiko Estrada post, and since there are no recent ones, here’s a Flashback Friday photo. Kiko was one of the Bench Body endorsers during better times, and he nailed this one. He comes from a long line of showbiz, uh, bold actors, with even his granddad reigning in the “pene” trend in the 80s.