Gone Fishing

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These two resident shirtless boys of ABS-CBN are not at all threatened by the half-naked entry of Aljur into the studio system. In fact, Vin and Joseph went on a leisurely trip to the murky river to catch dead fish. You know, take their minds off the competition, hatch an evil plan and show off the washboard abs in the process. I’m not asking who’s better, this time.

Mirror, Mirror

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Mirror, mirror on the wanking wall, who’s the biggest, longest of them all? Heck, it’s the long weekend and I’ll leave you with the very NSFW post, you view them in the comforts of your musky rooms. You get three dicks, as if you’ll ever be sated, to distract you from all the three-day madness of idleness.  So, which one?

Man Coming

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Like a gallant battle-weary hero back from a long war, Aljur Abrenica strode across the asphalt walk, from a horse and free of shirt, of course, to the welcoming arms of his new network’s happy execs. We wish him the best – meaning, more shows, less BV – and lots of sweaty nakedness in ABS-CBN.

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Hang on just a bit, good things will come. Today’s a bit on auto-pilot, because Brazilians are usually the ones who can pull this one off (or pull down, for that matter). Bruno Galli is one of the new catalog endorsers for Bench Body, and sometimes he’s not, which explains the lower photo. Tee-hee.

Just Frank

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Let’s move to a more mature notion of handsomeness. Remember Frank Taunenbaum a.k.a. Frank Garcia (of the Powerboys group), who came into pop consciousness a decade and a half ago? The Dutch-Filipino model still looks pretty awesome (right photo) these days. He may be our best bet yet for a viral post with the headline,  Buff _-Old Man Who Looks 20 Wows the Internet.

Sit Down!

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Does he ever get tired of his dick? Does he ever get tired of dicks? Have we gone blasé about the whole thing? This day’s main feature is our resident exhibitionist and cam performer, who has done almost every possible venereal exploit on the worldwide web. Are we even impressed now? (more…)

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