Boring Paulo

by: rddantes February 22, 2018 | Add Comment |

There was a time Paulo Avelino was the poster boy of summer. As early as January, Bench/Body put out to press the hot images of Paulo in provocative poses, in only his undies.  Gone were those dog days, I guess.

Today’s boring post is shirtless Paulo, full pants-on, of course. The last couple of years, he’s gone a bit conservative, oft times just losing a shirt and wearing a, well, standard and regulation smize.

Boys of Summer

by: rddantes February 18, 2018 | 51 Comments |

The designated boys of summer this year are Marco Gumabao and Ruru Madrid. It’s not always speedos and briefs on the beach (gasp!); sometimes a pair of jeans and shirt off are the likeliest summer wear in the water. Marco and Ruru are rocking the look, but we’re always hoping they’ll drop the pants soon!

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12 Years

by: rddantes February 15, 2018 | 51 Comments |

Time flies, people age, and Jake Cuenca still has a smashin’ bod through the years. In 2006, fresh Jake came into the scene in a Bench show, and the rest was his underwear history in showbiz. These days, he’s still an undergarments endorser, albeit for another company Guitar. Why am I posting these? It’s throwback Thursday, and well, Jake hasn’t aged a decade!

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