Fit or Fib?

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Do you like your boys fleshy and beefy? Just enough for those adorable love handles? Then actor and underwear model Ejay Falcon is your guy! It seems like he’s enjoying the undies-whoring lately. Of course, he’s hot that way but methinks he needs to amp up the frontal part just a wee bit.

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On rare occasions, we veer away from all the cuteness and beautiful things among boys and men, and we pay particular attention to the ugly side of humanity. In the news lately for a gruesome death, the suspects Matteo Oda Chopitea and Christian Lloyd Garcia looked familiar among followers of racy social media accounts. What have you done, little boys?


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vinoelHoly homoerotic hotness! It’s Vin Lee and Manoel Orfanaki passing time idly in their two-day undies. It’s the best of both worlds – Korean and Brazilian, I meant. What more can we ask for? Well, maybe we can ask them to remove their shorts and kiss. But that would be too much for this site to take.

In fine form

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leu-kiisterWhen Carleucio Kiister was a wee bit younger, he left Barra da Tijuca beach for greener pastures in Asia. These days, he has reinvented himself as Ross Kiister, model and fitness trainer in Makati and surrounding areas.

ross-kiisterSo this post is all about getting inspired by such good visage. Ross is in fine form, and maybe you, you and yes you fat person would like to get his services as a personal trainer. His social media pages contain his contact details, and if all else fails, message me for his numbers. Be nice because he is a good boy. Except when I get distracted by that bulge.

In Living Color

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reid1 reid2

With James Reid, it makes no difference if you’re in black-and-white! We rarely do these kinds of photo features, as we prefer the living colors of the flesh. James is an exception, as black-and-white photos emphasize the beauty, bumps and bulges of the human body.  Wasn’t it Shakespeare who said : “His beauty shall in these black lines be seen, and they shall live” ?

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