Inject Tabs

For the first post of the year, we have a sexy chunky model and bit player, who has a video circulating around. The two-minute spectacle shows a wee bit of his weiner for a very, very short time. The itty-bitty show, however, is more than enough to drum up dirty thoughts on this dude. (more…)


How do you get to the top? Passion and determination. If you have the looks, it will be easy-peasy on the way up, I guess. Erstwhile village bikini open mainstay Carlo Pasion is making it in the big city and how! These days, he’s sporting the ripped look, and we’re flushed red!

It’s Lharby!

My admiration goes out to GMA actor Lharby Policarpio who seems to be changing and improving as we all try to do. Physically, he’s getting better with that fab bod, as compared to his twinky days in Tondo.  Don’t you just love transformations that inspire and uh, stimulate?

Out in the Sun

Summer’s here and the boys are still donning Speedos. It’s good actually, since I am not too keen with long board shorts on boys with hot bods. Unsexy, that is. Jay Gonzaga is one crazy-abs guy and he’s working his Speedos just fine. He can be seen sometimes as one of the merpeople in Dyesebel.


Make way for Lucky Mercado, the diminutive funny guy and tv host over at TV5. He’s doing the sexy shirtless bit and he wants your lusty opinion. Lucky once danced half-nekkid with Rodjun Cruz at the Cosmopolitan [Phils] Bachelor Bash.