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A Replicating Musk

dscf1837Crowdsourcing is good. Sometimes I get all these gratuitous images in the mail, and they’re too good not to share with you, however mean and nasty you can be with all your fussy, finicky comments. This weekend’s post is all about anonymous guy in the shower, cocked and ready for the big, wet one. You are most welcome!


Look who was at the water park last weekend? It’s our favorite constant contestant of bikini open past – Ram Ace Bautista. He was chillin’ and killin’ by the pool in regulation swimwear. Just like the good old days. And he was in that bikini contest, too, where he probably was the oldest…..and the hottest among the contestants.

Allen Molina is the king of bikini competitions

Well, Allen Ong Molina just won last night’s biggest bikini competition in the South – the Daragang Magayon Bikini Open 2014.  You have to see him in action how he does it. It means winning every title and award from every nook and village in Luzon. Take for example this Magayon contest.

The minute he stepped into the stage for the introduction, he owned the crowd 
(that sweaty-wet shirt giveaway never failed).

The fantasy wear segment featured him in “snow angel” costume.
No matter how ridiculous the outfit, Allen came out ultra fine.
And sexy.

He knew how to turn on the charm.

With a bonus of buttocks.
The contest had a program called the “showdown” where the contestants had to dance.
Allen gyrated, to the delight of the girls and girls alike.
He swayed to the left, too.
Of course, he had to do his signature moves.
The push-up.
The awesome handstand.
No one can top him.

He had to win eventually.


An even better photo of bikini open hottie Jheem Kazumi. Of course, it’s better because of the visible penis line, from which we can only imagine how he’s doing down there. And why do these boys willingly do this VPL-on-stage thing? To catch the judges’ attention, of course. To win.


Happy Monday everyone! May your week be stuffed with good vibes always! Here’s 18-year-old Ahmer Timothy, who is getting noticed lately. The 5’8″-tall cutie plays for the Philippine Azkals as a midfielder/striker.  He’s also an up-and-coming model. 


From an ugly duckling duking it out in small town bikini contests… a sexy bikini open contestant in the big city, Raymond Fortunado has indeed come a long, long way. He’s now one of the more popular dancers in the boy-group G-Force Stallions, which perform as back up for big-name stars.

G-Force Royce

Isn’t he a cutie, this Royce Chua of the G-Force Stallions, that popular group of bump-and-grinders composed of cute boys? Did you know that four years ago….

… he was sporting a tight bikini as one of the frontrunners in the Heatwave: The Summer Bikini Showdown? Back then, he was using his real name, Raymond Fortunado. A few repairs here and some adjustments there, he’s now one of the cutest members of the group. Et voila!


Hey look! The skanky underwear worn by bikini open contestants [e.g.,  Harold “Aeron” Cruz below] to win the nod of drooling, slobbering audiences in small bars and venues, is now donned by primo modelo John Spainhour!  I won’t ask who wore it better.

Diamond in the Rough

It means someone that has exceptional qualities and future potential but needs some work and polishing. This is Stephen Dorschner, a frequent fare in the bikini competitions of late.  He is 23 years old, and in case you’re wondering about the name, he’s of German descent. Looks promising, right?
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