Coming Back

Our favorite police fantasy man Richard Pangilinan took time off from civic duty to return to his sexy roots, i.e. wearing bikini or undies in public. While he may not be as fit as a summer dish, I’d prefer him this way over the impossibly-perfect lean and hairless torsos of the younger models.

Cop Rump

richardIs model-turned-cop Richard Pangilinan finally turning his back on beauty pageants and contests? Many were surprised at the September 30 semis when our favorite police officer did not make it through the grand finals of the Gwapulis contest. Richard has always been one of our most-liked sexy guys in this site, as he has inspired and stimulated quite a big fuss with his bikini shots. He is our winner in our books, of course!

Gwapulis Men!

GwapulisMirror, mirror on the precinct wall, who’s the best policeman of them all? It seems that some Gwapulis contestants had bikini open histories. I’m not complaining, if they have it, they’ve got to flaunt it! Richard Pangilinan, Jefferson Payumo (center) and Dennis Keliag (right) once (or several times) appeared on the bikini contest stage in the smallest of underclothes.  Don’t they look good, too, without the uniform?


GwapulisI have been hiding under a gay rock lately and I haven’t even heard about this morning contest called “Gwapulis.” Thanks to a caring and well-disposed reader who requested for last week’s winner Richard Pangilinan, this contest will now come to light first order of the day. Now, where do these other handsome police officers come from?


The real boys of summer are the ones who wear skimpy clothing in bikini contests, whether in small venues or large outdoor places. Just like these guys, in flesh-colored, form-fitting, size-under swim wear. The one in the middle is, of course, perennial bikini open winner Richard Pangilinan, while next to him stands Haime Felix.

One and Only

Bushy Richard Pangilinan, our favorite bikini boy, sports a new look this time. While we have seen him in standard and proper speedos in the past, the future policeman from Pampanga wants to be more, uh, risqué these days. Maybe we’ll see a totally nekkid Richard pretty soon?

Red Boys

There’s something sexy about the color red and latex and bikinis. More so, if your favorite yummy bikini boys – Richard Pangilinan [left] and Jared Alvero are wearing them. So, who wore it better? Who is your best bet?

Bikini Boy 2011

Before I forget, the results are in. The poll conducted a week ago yielded this: Richard Pangilinan is your choice for bikini boy 2o11. Although it wasn’t exactly a sweet year for this Criminology student from Pampanga, as he lost some contests, missed some modeling jobs, and became less visible from the limelight, Mr. Pangilinan is still the overwhelming choice here for sexiest guy in a freaky teenie ‘kini!

The Year That Was: Bikini Boys

These were the top boys you lusted for in 2011. Bikini boys in contests around the country. Some from sleazy rinky-dink bars. Others, from national competitions. Just the same, they all wore that endangered piece of clothing called the bikini! So, who’s your favorite bikini boy of 2011?


And pray tell, what ever happened to the career of promising model from the bondoocks, Richard Pangilinan? It seems that he had a lot going last year after winning some bikini contests in town. Many expected him to do projects for A-list designers and commercial brands. But then he didn’t actually make the jump from crud to class. From tacky to tony. To date, he’s still joining small-bar bikini competitions. What gives?
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