Glow Up

Nine years ago he was the front-runner in the Mossimo Bikini Summit contest. Nelson Banzuela may not have won the top prize but he made his way through modeling gigs in the metro. Then he retreated from the (bikini) limelight. He reappeared a week ago to audition for Century Tuna Superbods – rock-hard and hot! Is this a glow up?

The Year That Was: Bikini Boys

These were the top boys you lusted for in 2011. Bikini boys in contests around the country. Some from sleazy rinky-dink bars. Others, from national competitions. Just the same, they all wore that endangered piece of clothing called the bikini! So, who’s your favorite bikini boy of 2011?

Relentless in a Bikini

Remember cute boy Nelson Banzuela? He was one of the frontrunners in the Mossimo Bikini Summit 2011 until he got waylaid along the way by more, uh, gumptious and adventurous boys. He didn’t win any of the top prizes but the 21-year-old chinito is unfazed. He’s at it again in some barroom bikini contest this time of the year. I do hope he makes it this time.

1 and 2

The frontrunners in the Mossimo Bikini Summit Ecosomething contest are cute chinitos Renzie Ongkiko [top] and Nelson Banzuela. Renzie is a tv host, model, athlete and past winner of the Century Tuna Superbods competition. He has a degree in Mass Media from the De La Salle University [DLSU]. As for Nelson, who’s apparently new in the scene, any 411 on him guys?