House Rules

  1. No grabbing.
  2.  He is not a ho’.
  3. Have money.
  4. Be clean.
  5. No crazy requests.
  6. Always tip.

7. Keep it in your pants.

8. Don’t finger the funk trunk.

For Lay Again

Now and then we feature then-and-now photos of some of our objects of fancy a few years back. Ten years ago, Ian Porlayagan was winning every male personality contest in town. He went on to become a top model for almost every local fashion designer until he disappeared from the limelight. A few days back, he re-surfaced at the Bench Body go-see. Does he still have what it takes to be an underwear model?

Ahhh Summer!

You know it’s the summer season when the boys come out to play in their tiny underclothes. Bikini open contestants often get a bad rap, but this site does not contradistinguish. Give me a boy with great physique and the perfect accessory, i.e. a tiny bikini, and we’re good for posting. Exhibit A is Justine Cruz and Exhibit B is Albert Gonzales. Shall we analyze the bodies of evidence now?

The Trainer

These are then-and-now photos of fitness trainer and commercial model Mark Alfred Rosales. I can’t actually decide if I like the bikini photo more than the bodybuilder one. Both are obviously hawt, as he fits in that tiny bikini as if to the manner born and rocks those joggers with that fab bod. What’s your take?

Famous Luis


luis-88Suddenly, Luis Hontiveros is famous. It could be the cutesy boyish looks. Or that infamous wank vid. Maybe that connection to national politics. One thing is for sure, though. He is on his way to the top – from his skimpy beginnings in a gay bar bikini contest, and he  has come a long way. Pun intended and well-deserved!

Patrick’s Position

patrickToday’s post, bikini open contestant Patrick San Miguel is another request, made by more than one person. Should I have known him? Apparently, I’ve featured him a while back, and he’s quite sexy in this exclusive picture that I have in storage. Sometimes, some variety is all we need in this wayward site.

Sunny Orlando

orlando sol

One of the most featured guys ever since this site was put up (8 years and counting!) is Orlando Sol and you know the reason why: he’s always nekkid in his photos. Although you’ve seen every bump, nook and crevice in his delightful body, somehow he still manages to stir some loins with a new photo. He’s still a hottie in my books, if you ask me.


L1080284Once the toast of the bikini open crowd because of his on stage antics and derring-do, Aeron Cruz is making the big shift to show business, thanks to his exposure on the noontime show It’s Showtime. After strutting his stuff in sexy garish costumes in small bars and venues, will he eventually go daring in showbiz, sans the tacky ‘kinis and skivvies?

Bikini Moment

Oh, and this is how one wears a bikini. Pecs and abs and a bit of bump. Sexy actor Johnron Tanada is the ultimate bikini boy this side of town. After starring in some indie flesh-flicks and appearing in bit parts on tv, he’s now back in Macau working as an entertainer. 

Private Parts Wearables

UPH dragged me to Private Parts Wearables: All Out Fashion Show at the Metro Bar in West Ave., Quezon City. Somehow we had to experience watching a bikini fashion show for men, he said. And besides, Joaquin Casado is there, UPH tried to convince me. That did it. Despite the silly weather, the heavy traffic along EDSA, and the distance from our houses, we hurriedly went to West Ave. and searched for Metro Bar. The show started late but it was a grand butt-and-bulge show. There were funny bikinis on male models, guys you wouldn’t find in the Cosmo list [but Zachi Uy of Mossimo 2007 was there!]. Kish Mcbride, Dexter Castro, Jeffrey Surio and Will Sandejas were the more prominent [read: photos posted here somewhere] guys in wonderful, colorful, wearable, elegant, innovative intimate apparel. Cough. Too bad Joaquin Casado was a no-show.
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