52 thoughts on “Showdown, Too”

      1. Dyusko. Kargador level si Vin tapos compare mo sa prime hunk na si Derrick. Ang chaka ng comparison.

  1. Siyempre Papa Derrick for the win! Yung isa kamukha talaga ni Mimiyuuuh and Rene Requiestas combined! <3 <3 <3 PRAK!

  2. Vin looks emaciated – pandemic look hehe! Derrick has built his body the right way. No comparison.

  3. oh lorde. sure nang the comment section will attack vin. pwede bang we cum together, este come together and support both =) i mean, derrick is all that pero vin’s hotness is undeniable din naman

  4. sana magkaroon ng bench underwear fashion show ulit at kasama dun sila derrick, paul at muli sina david, rocco, enzo, juancho, dominic, addy raj, dennis and tom na mas maging daring pa sa muling pagsabak nila sa underwear show.

    1. That reminds me… I saw a post on FB long ago. A dildo was ordered through Lazada, arrived in cling wrap. The caption went, “‘Tangina niyo, Lazada. Wala ba kayo’ng kahon?!!”. 🙂

  5. sana mag-underwear na rin si inigo pascual for bench at maging daring na rin tulad nina paul at derrick.

  6. Siyempre Kay Papa Derrick ako. Medyo fresh and bulky. 😋

    Si Papa Vin masarap din naman yung katawan pero yung mukha parang Bungo, hipon na hipon talaga ang peg. 😂😂😂

    1. I’m sure my dear Lande na isa kang Alta na laki sa Western Culture kaya you find exotic looking men attractive.

  7. I don’t think it will be a hard time choosing from these two, knowing that netizens here throw too much shade on Vin.

  8. Vincenzo, of course… Fafa na ‘yan. 🙂

    (Really, the only thing I like about DM is his hairy thighs.)

  9. May something missing si Vin. Hindi sya panget for me..super ganda din naman yung katawan nya and bet ko yung tuyot look pero di ko sya bet.

  10. I go for straight one. Vin on top in every sense of the word. Needless to say, the bottom guy deserves his place.

  11. si vin paramg kabisado kung paano ako saktan at paligayahin. romansang kargador. shet. sarap. si derrick parang laila dee.

  12. Dapat Paul vs Derrick na lang. Parehong hot and yummy. Ang chaka ni Vin Abrenica sa true lang.

  13. But of course a lot of criticisms for my sexy boy Vin…they may be different (and a lot will go for Derrick) but for me they will both stand out…i lust for both of you guys!

  14. Vin: Ungghhh! Flex pa more! Kelangan manggala’iti para lumitaw abs ko
    Derrick: Confidently beautiful, with a smile.

  15. Di nman aq napapangitan kay Vin, average looks lang. Hot bod. But Hanford did not take extra care in making him look good in these underwear pics. Parang di man lang naghilamos. Walang budjet for make up artist or hairstylist?

  16. Both of them are good-looking. One has the authentic Pinoy looks while the other one has the American looks. I wonder why some Pinoy gays hate the Pinoy looks of Vin. Do they hate their own race? Oh, the stupidity of it all.

    1. They don’t hate “Pinoy looks.”
      He’s simply an average looking Pinoy who wants to present himself as something hot.
      That is what they hate.

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