We do this every year, right? You get first dibs on the boys who get to be on the centerfolds of the local Cosmopolitan magazine. This year, race car driver, occasional model and perpetual cute boy Marlon Stockinger is king on the cover. There is always someone for everyone, so here are nine more in the main list –

With his star on the rise, Anthony Labrusca loses his shirt (again) for the magazine shoot. Tanner Mata, on the other hand, bulges through his terry joggers. No stranger to nudity and more, Luis Hontiveros sears everything for the annual feature.

One of GMA’s resident hunks, Addy Raj won’t be left behind with his abs for days. Handsome model Josh Barfuss just needs to pose and preen, he’s fine that way. Our favorite boy Marco Gumabao finally makes a shirtless appearance for a mag, and we love him more.

And the runts in the litter. Show some feigned appreciation for Jak Roberto, Alexander Diaz and RK Bagatsing.

Boys. ASAP.

The most creative people at ABS-CBN thought, as paean to the lost days of summer and the vicious onslaught of the rainy season, to pour some water on our shirtless boys in ugly denim shorts and  ask them to hoof it on that Sunday noontime show. Pure genius and groundbreaking, as we get to see our boys in a wet number. Choose one.


In 2006, a motley crew of boys and men were formed on the noontime show ASAP with the sole purpose of taking their shirts off in the name of hotness. You can view them here, here, here, and here. Today, the younger batch are taking over half-nekkid  – Tommy, Albie, Clint, Tanner and Luis. That’s a lot of sexy guys gracing us with their shirtless presence!

Boys in the Water

Introducing Jomari Angeles, Jericho Rosales’s younger bro in the primetime series of ABS-CBN, Magpahanggang Wakas

He loves showing off his fine tiny bod, but we can’t complain that much: Alexander Diaz is cute, twinky cute and we’re loving every show of flesh!

The little boy singer is now, uh, a little man singer! Khalil Ramos wants in on the shirtless parade and he deserves a slot, right?

The ultimate fuckboy (you have to Google the meaning, you simple-minded virgin), Luis Hontiveros is out of the famous house and he’s churning out more home-made videos!

Who is Ricci Rivero and why is everyone going gaga over his social media famewhoring posts? You’ll have to go out with him to find out.

Dom Roque may not be that popular anymore, but he’s still top in our racy book. Who could resist that sunny smile and well, luscious man-pits?

The Nice Bro Squad

Clean fun Tuesday (although two of them have racy videos online *gasp)! This is the Nice Bro Squad, and seriously, they made that up themselves. Of course, you know Luis Hontiveros with his crew, Gil Cuerva, Max Berardi, Patrik Franksson and Angelo Tan-Alberto. Who’s your boy?


luis tannerk

Undoubtedly, the two hottest residents of the Big Brother House are Luis Hontiveros and Tanner Mata! The two boys have so many things in common, aside, of course, from all the visual pleasures they provide. It would be unfair now to ask, but I’ll put it out just the same: who’s your choice?

Famous Luis


luis-88Suddenly, Luis Hontiveros is famous. It could be the cutesy boyish looks. Or that infamous wank vid. Maybe that connection to national politics. One thing is for sure, though. He is on his way to the top – from his skimpy beginnings in a gay bar bikini contest, and he  has come a long way. Pun intended and well-deserved!

Show Boy!


Luis Hontiveros really knows how to put on a show! Ooops, did I say that right? I didn’t exactly make any reference (pardon me) to his explicit wank videos, but more on that weekend event where he placed number one in the hottest list-something. There’s really something exciting about a gyrating half-naked young man, eh?

It Boy

LuishI don’t know what level of internet notoriety you are talking about when you send me email-requests for Luis Hontiveros‘s racy photos and videos. I am not aware. What I am aware of is that he’s currently the toast of social media for completely different reasons: as the handsome nephew of a senatorial winner.

LuisBefore social media exploded with his shirtless photos, he was a sought-after commercial model. Isn’t he a puppy?

LuisH04 LuisH06

What I am aware of is that Luis once joined a personality contest and that there was the obligatory underwear and bikini showcase for, you know, checking body proportions and physique and stuff. The usual. He won that contest, of course.

Work your body!

Luis Luis2

An American English idiom for Wednesday is “hump day.” I always thought it referred to the sexual activity, like humping and pumping. It turns out, “hump day” Wednesday is a reference to making it through to the middle of the work week as “getting over the hump.” However you want to treat this hump day, here’s sexy-sweaty and somewhat hunky model Luis Hontiveros who’s slowly making a name for himself in the biz.

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