Dominic Roque is not about to go the Jake-Cuenca route to Bench Body oblivion just yet. After a few years lording it over the local underwear company’s ads and campaigns, the newer ones are starting to line up to wear the teenie-tiny undies. Dom shows em how it’s done, and he’s still doing it quite right!


Who is more popular? Who is sexier? In a battle for the best boy over at the Bench/Body backlot (or basement), will it be Dom on top? Enzo at the bottom? The boys, bit players at ABS-CBN, have been the favorites lately at the local underwear brand’s ads. Can anybody explain why?

Boy Friday

How cute is that? Bench is giving color to its newest campaign via the popular online collage artist Portiswasp. Dominic Roque, of course, gets first dibs as he gets to show his bigger, chunkier body. Do we love him this way? Or do we like the twink bod in his early years?

Do Me Dom

Well fuck me now! Dominic Roque may have gained some poundage, but he’s definitely rockin’ the Bench Body briefs like a pornstar boss. He’s back to get his throne and ready to give the younger ones a run for their milk money at the Bench backlot. Hotness!

Sun Kissed

He got a bit bigger, but Dominic Roque still does it for me. Although Dom’s disappeared from the Bench/Body lineup (and he’s sorely missed) he still continues to sizzle in that fine bod. He’s bulging through, and I know you love him, too!

Unique Dominic

His boyish look made him a Bench/Body regular. Dominic Roque has been an underwear model for a few years now, and he hasn’t lost the cute-sexy touch. Not yet, as shown in this recent photo at the latest show of the local underwear brand.

Analyzing Dom

Dick sleuths, investigate. Is Dominic Roque wearing one of those Bulge Package Enhancer-Cup Pouch Men’s Sponge Pad Insert For Underwear (I Googled this)? He’s mighty fine for me, with or without the enhancements. Didn’t he just hold his own underwear turf against the modeling giants at that show?

Prime Exposure

Is it November 18 yet?  We don’t get tired seeing Dominic Roque in all his semi-nakedness, right? That’s why he’s one of the most anticipated boys in the upcoming show. I’m not really sure what he has under his sleeve, er, knickers, to upstage the upstarts, but I’m certain he may have a thing or two down there for a grand performance.

The Others

Erstwhile Bench it boy Dominic Roque won’t be pushed to the sidelines just yet. He did it before, he’s doing it again this year for the Under the Stars show. Thank our lucky stars, he’s getting another chance to show his fleshy wonderland in tight undies.

Enzo Pineda doesn’t want to be left behind all the underwear rush and madness of that Bench/Body fest.  Today, he’s posing under the stars in his preferred boxer briefs. He’s walking in the show, just like three years ago. Will he be better this time?

Bench/Body Show

Look it’s Dominic Roque (or is that Anthony and his chin?) promoting the biggest show in the country! If he’s headlining the show, I’m queueing up for those rare tickets. In front. With a huge camera. For the salacious readers who won’t be able to see the bikini-clad guys. Worm’s eye view. We’ll see under the stars, for sure.

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