The Boys

There must be a very special reason why these three handsome boys were put together in a racy scene. Of course, Luis Hontiveros, Addy Raj and Mark McMahon did not just one, but two home-made flicks enough to thrill girls and girls alike. While those vids didn’t leave too much for the gay imagination, this photo is wholesome enough for some sexy gathering of the trio.

Marked Man

You’ve seen his dick, now see Mark McMahon in another light, i.e. in his underwear. He’s planning to do tv and movies this year with his entry in ABS-CBN’s Star Hunt. The Scottish-Filipino ex-Bench model looks promising with a huuuuge career up ahead. And no, he did not submit that interesting video as his audition tape!

Hot Relations

boys2On Fridays, I have to remind you to watch the new Karelasyon episode on GMA, where topics are risqué and the boys are, well, sexier. This weekend’s episode, as lifted from the show’s PR, features Mark Neumann, Mark McMahon and Jay Arcilla with Kris Bernal.

boys1Kris Bernal plays a newly-hired maid to these naughty boys who try to seduce Kris as they placed a bet on who will bed her first. Will they succeed with their bet or something unplanned will happen to them as a consequence? (printed as-is from the PR)

Karelasyon airs tomorrow at 2.30 p.m. after Eat Bulaga on GMA.

Seeing Triple

McMahon11How do you like the new look of Mark McMahon? The underwear catalog model is sporting the trendy short sides style. Of course, I we couldn’t help but take note of his healthy front, too. Mark’s dabbling into showbiz once in a while and seeing him in his undies is an extra treat!


Anyone who’s a nipo-brasileiro model in town will always have a special place in this site. After all, we fell in love with the Satos, Matsunagas and Muraokas of yore. Another one in Manila wouldn’t crowd the scene. Welcome Bruno Kodama from the current site of the Summer Olympics!

The Gang

IMG_1364Hail, hail the boys are here! How do you measure hotness in this picture? Now, this would be my dream aquarium (reference: link)! I can’t seem to choose among the Persian, Brazilian or Scot. Or maybe I’ll consider the French dude, notwithstanding there’s the Canadian-Chinese cutie. Life’s unfair, really. Yeah, who are you lusting after?

TV Bros

IMG_1341Whoever thought of casting James Reid and Mark McMahon as brothers on ABS-CBN’s top-rating OTWOL is sheer creative genius. Well, it was there all along, bound to happen sooner or later – showbiz’s hottest boy and the most visible model with the best boy-next-door vibe! Aside from the small hiccup of two brothers having different accents – one Australian, the other Scottish, everything is perfect in tv land!

Mark VPL

MarkM09 copyHe’s a favorite because somehow Mark McMahon is always shirtless and oft times in his underwear , for photo shoots and ads. Heck, his social media accounts are peppered with his sexy schtick , too. We don’t complain. We compliment and give thanks, profusely. It is very hot seeing a full-grown man with a handsome mug, in his tighty whities, sexy and leggy you could almost smell a strong manly scent from between those legs.