In some ways, his career supposedly ended twofold: when the Azkals lost their bid for the 2014 World Cup and when the local government got strict with raunchy billboards on EDSA [he did this for Bench Body]. But you can never put a cute boy down. Mark McMahon is now in showbiz and he’s off to a good start with a movie called Tween Hearts slated for a late August opening. It seems like this young hunk is here to stay.

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And so it seems you have your new favorite boy in Bench Body. Young, fresh and cute, with a huge lump in them skivvies, Mark McMahon is getting his more than 15-minutes of fame. Heck, he’s even in showbiz now as he stars in Tween Hearts: Class of 2012 movie showing in August. Here’s someone to watch out for in the Sexy Boys Department!


This didn’t quite make it to busy EDSA on a huge billboard, but it would have caused quite a stir – in people’s loins [and groins]! This is Mark McMahon, a 20-year-old member of the Philippine Football Federation’s Azkals. He was born in Siargao but raised in Glasgow, Scotland. He has a certain Gerald-Andersonness, and methinks he can be a shoo-in for showbiz.