Marky Mark

It’s the return of the sexy tanga underwear! Our favorite Mark McMahon is just too glad to model them goods not once but three times! Let’s hope this will be the year’s fashion, at least for the male models’ undies. Such blessing!

23 thoughts on “Marky Mark”

    1. I see it. It’s just angles. 🙂

      Center and right photos, claro’ng the same thing. What happened in the left photo, as he presses his arm against his chest, he also pulls his tummy up. As a result, the navel “rounds up”. Can be a trick if you want to give the illusion of a tighter midsection. But in this case, he probably wasn’t conscious…

  1. Feelingero naman toh hindi friendly sa fans. Nakita ko sa Poblacion last year sa isang bar nag hi ako, tiningnan lang ako for one second di man lang nag smile. Che!

    1. D lng na acknowledged ang hi mo suplado n agad kaloka masyado kng entitled bakla🤣me ganun tlgang tao d sya bumabati sa d nya kilala.

  2. Anu namang reaction ng sangkabaklaan don sa bilat na ginang rape daw ng 11 na merlats? Sabi ng PNP kahit na mga merlat sila pwede pa rin daw maging straight kapag lasing. Ows?!

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