In 2006, a motley crew of boys and men were formed on the noontime show ASAP with the sole purpose of taking their shirts off in the name of hotness. You can view them here, here, here, and here. Today, the younger batch are taking over half-nekkid  – Tommy, Albie, Clint, Tanner and Luis. That’s a lot of sexy guys gracing us with their shirtless presence!

Zanjoe Relaxed

Model, comedian and occasional actor Zanjoe Marudo is calm and relaxed. He is actually slowing down a bit after all the projects that he’s been getting in his home studio. Although his sexy boy-group Coverboys has temporarily shifted to inactive status, Zanjoe just finished two tv series – The Wedding and Lovers in Paris, the latter requiring him to stay in France for quite some time.  This gangly model has indeed gone a long way in showbiz ever since he started on Big Brother.

Marvin Wijangco Engaging

Spotted: Cute boy Marvin Wijangco in a Filipino resto in posh Greenbelt 5 with his manager and the owner of Bench Body underwear.  Is something cooking at the underwear brand for Marvin, who is not busy at the moment with regular tv shows and soaps?  After his stint at the Manhunt 2008 contest, it seems that the showbiz offers got more scarce for this 5’11”-tall model from Bulacan.  His only regular stint now is a spot on the dippy Coverboys, a sing-and-dance-while-shirtless act on ABS-CBN. 

Cutesome Threesome

Oh my! Three cute boys singing, doesn’t matter if they are not harmonizing. They are chanting shirtless, hamming it up for the audience. Let’s see…. there’s the nerdy John James Uy, and then the bouncy one, Marvin Wijangco plus the chary Haroun Morales [l-r] of the Coverboys and the Bench underwear models group. All young, sexy and adorable!

Rafael Rosell goes all out

Rafael Rosell, who seemed to had it going in showbiz with his acting award plus movie and tv deals, suddenly goes on a concert in Chicago and strips. According to the email message of reader JonesIllinois, Rafael Rosell “dropped his white robe to reveal his drawers halfway down, revealing his plump buttocks.” Ooh, I could just imagine! That was in the Coverboys concert, where Mr. Rosell had a U.S. tour with his group. Nice!

Coverboys did a successful US tour

Okay, there is really no sarcasm in the “successful” and the “US tour” bits. Really. I’m happy for them, the Coverboys of ABS-CBN. A motley group of handsome, hale and hearty young men going shirtless [and showing their Bench Body and/or Penshoppe underwear bands] while singing.  For sure they must have wowed the crowds in the school auditoriums in Chicago and L.A. Good thing for them. Successful concert tour, eh! Welcome back, boys.

Coverboys discovered

At the finale of the concert of ABS-CBN’s Sunday noontime teasers called Coverboys, the boys did a mean striptease much to the delight of the people watching the show that night.  From left: Victor Basa, Will Devaughn, Rafael Rosell and Zanjoe Marudo wore unflattering boxer shorts, Jake Cuenca went out in sexy grandfather skivvies with a happy face on the crotch, Jon Mullally in white shorts too, and Marvin Wijangco and Haroun Morales wore tight Bench briefs.  Who’s the sexiest in the bunch?