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Flashback Friday and we’re getting three boys, back when the world was a bit rosier and brighter. When AJ Winkler was still in Manila, flaunting his schlong-dong for the Bench underwear company. When Don Mendoza was at his model prime. And, of course, when Rafael Rosell was healthy and the toast of Bench Body. Those were the days.

Rafael Then

This used to be Rafael Rosell, hale and hearty before he became gaunt and ghostly. This was taken when he was just starting out, showing a lot of promise and determination to succeed in showbiz – come bikini or high water. He did make it alright, in fact he was one of the favorites in the underwear brand’s stable of talents. These days, he’s playing bit roles in GMA.


Today is the go-see for the biennial Bench Body underwear show in September. Models and wannabes from all over the country will troop to the Edsa Shangri-La Hotel to audition for the two-night show. The show’s a virtual fleshfest, with guys in their raciest and raunchiest selves. What were your favorite moments in the history of the underwear show? I have some list below:

Bruce showing his pubes and his shaft – well, almost.

Wendell‘s biennial buttfest.

– nekkid on stage.

Rafa‘s near-frontal, I swear he could’ve done it.

Jakey‘s butt floss episode.

And one more, from the recent show.


Conspicuously absent from the much-awaited summer campaign this year of local clothing brands Bench and Bench Body is in-house exhibitionist Rafael Rosell. The 30-year-old bit player seemed to have lost his erstwhile lucrative contract [and some favors with the underwear company] most recently. Maybe he got too scraggy and wan and shriveled for even an XS Bench briefs?

Ages ago ….

….Derek Ramsay still had lots of hair, and was just starting out. Of course, the potential was there and he was just waiting for his grand time in showbiz. He’s now one of the more sought-after leading men in movies and on tv. Of course, he has also stopped wearing bright red lipstick.

….Rafael Rosell was fresh and showed signs of being an exhibitionist already. He was one of the favorite models of Bench Body underwear as he had a nice body – lean and tight and delish, with all the right bulges. Now he’s off the Bench and he looks tired and gaunt.

….Jon Hall was all over the Bench spreads in his tight briefs. He loved getting it on for the underwear company’s ads, racy and risque, and no one complained. Jon’s now semi-retired from the scene, appearing intermittently for the cameras when there are modeling stints around.

Through The Years

Bench Body models Rafael Rosell and Jon Mullally a.k.a. Jon Avila have stayed on with the underwear company through the years. Despite the onslaught of new models and upstarts who can outstrip both hunks at the flick of the owner’s fingers and the drop of a precious peso, Jon and Rafael have managed to keep their cotton-lycra briefs on. Until when will they be underwear models?

Rafael Then and Now

Then. Underwear model and actor Rafael Rosell looked so fresh and delish on a beach in Phuket, Thailand. These photos were taken years ago when he was just starting out, pre-ABS-CBN and -Bench Body, when he was struggling on a reality show called Hollywood Dream on the then ABC 5 channel.

Now. Rafael Rosell is still very much around. This image was taken on a lonely beach in Quezon province for a fitness magazine. Although he didn’t get to Hollywood, the 28-year-old hunk did make it to relative fame here.