The Mayor’s Wife

Marco Morales plays a closeted gay politician who marries a woman for cover. Little does he know that the woman he married also uses their marriage for convenience to exact revenge.  Johnron Tanada plays his driver/lover. Ang Misis ni Meyor [The Mayor’s Wife] premieres on 11 December 2013,  9 p.m. at the SM Megamall Cinema 9. [Will Marco come home from self-imposed exile in Sydney to promote the movie? Johnron from Macau, too?]  Regular showing starts 18 December at SM Cinemas. The movie was written and directed by the same filmmaker of the controversial Taksikab.

Miscellany Saturday

Today I am posting your contributions – photos of half-nekkid boys that went through the mail. Some are too good not to share. Young and not-so young actors and celebs. They are all here!

Albie got older and sexier.

Bugz Daigo married a transexual. Read the news.
Carl is still a bit player in GMA.

Dennis is a big star now in GMA, thanks to that gay soap.

Derrick just turned 18. He could be a big star in GMA.

On the other side, Enrique is such a tease whenever he bumps and grinds.

Hideo is horny.
Ian has a flat butt.

And I didn’t know Johnron and Marco have a movie together.

Jobless Jon is still a hottie. Put him in the indies fast!

Matteo has a big bod and big arms and yummy pits!
Cute boy Vivo got gaunt. Post prison.

Has-been Wendell is not so fat after all.

And the king of selfies is Ahron.
At the gym.

In the love shack.
At the gym again. See!

Johnron Plus One

In case you’re wondering what’s up with hunky indie actor Johnron Tanada, he’s at it again with the sexy sweet torture and teasing as he teams up with up-and-coming actor John Relucio [the totally nekkid guy in the photo] for a fashion editorial called Andro-Indie in ISDA Magazine’s May 2013 issue.  To view the entire magazine, go to

Johnron Kisses ….

…. The Faerie Formerly Known As Rustom [TFFKAR]. The hunky model-actor is locking lips on stage with Bb Gandanghari today at 3 pm and 8 pm in the stage play “Sayaw ng mga Senioritas” at the Cultural Center of the Philippines – Huseng Batute.  The hilarious stage play by Gantimpala Theater  Foundation is part of the 4th National Theater Festival currently held at the CCP. Sayaw is top-billed by known TV, film and stage directors, with TFFKAR making a “very limited engagement” today.  Of course, there’s a “male bikini contest” segment with other cute boys in the cast.


Today is the go-see for the biennial Bench Body underwear show in September. Models and wannabes from all over the country will troop to the Edsa Shangri-La Hotel to audition for the two-night show. The show’s a virtual fleshfest, with guys in their raciest and raunchiest selves. What were your favorite moments in the history of the underwear show? I have some list below:

Bruce showing his pubes and his shaft – well, almost.

Wendell‘s biennial buttfest.

– nekkid on stage.

Rafa‘s near-frontal, I swear he could’ve done it.

Jakey‘s butt floss episode.

And one more, from the recent show.


Some PR: Hawla, this summer’s most anticipated pink indie film starring the hottest indie actor today Johnron Tanada [Kape Barako, Kubli], opens tomorrow, Wednesday, 30 May 2012 in the following cinemas [subject to change without prior notice]: Robinson Galleria Ortigas, Isetan Cinerama Recto, Starmall Alabang, Remar Aurora Cubao, Roben Recto, Marketplace Kalentong, Eden (Cebu). The film will be its uncut version.

Johnron portrays a financially strapped student forced into prostitution. When he decides to leave the flesh trade for a better career, he discovers that he has already contracted AIDS. The film also follows several individuals struggling with the fatal disease.

Produced by Francis Cabral for Reconnaissance Film Productions, the movie also stars Dice Vergara [black briefs], Mygz Molino [blue with white strap briefs], Rein Soliman [light blue boxer briefs], and John Relucio [tats!]. Hawla is written and directed by Paul Singh Cudail..

Rain, Rain

Oh no! The rains are here. No more summer bikini contests outdoors. No more skimpily-clad boys outdoors. I guess they’ll just have to stay inside. In some dank, musky bar reeking of cigarettes and alcohol and male sweat. Just the same, the sleazefest must go on. With or without the bikini, er, the sun.