The Mayor’s Wife

Marco Morales plays a closeted gay politician who marries a woman for cover. Little does he know that the woman he married also uses their marriage for convenience to exact revenge.  Johnron Tanada plays his driver/lover. Ang Misis ni Meyor [The Mayor’s Wife] premieres on 11 December 2013,  9 p.m. at the SM Megamall Cinema 9. [Will Marco come home from self-imposed exile in Sydney to promote the movie? Johnron from Macau, too?]  Regular showing starts 18 December at SM Cinemas. The movie was written and directed by the same filmmaker of the controversial Taksikab.

Cosmo Night

It’s Cosmo Night later! The boys and the men are out to play for the girls. Of course, we’ll see the usual wet, sweaty bods on stage. Some may pull down their pants. Others will just have to be prissy with their jeans on. But just the same, it will be one wild night with all the half-naked men.  Here are some moments in the past Cosmo Bachelors Bash that I remember.
 The water gun was introduced in 2008, to douse the guys, including Bruce Quebral.
 Many were surprised to see the transformation of singer Christian Bautista in 2010.
Bonus: hair!

 Actor Dennis Trillo first appeared in the Cosmo event in 2005 looking cute and hot.

 Dingdong Dantes went nekkid on the cover of the magazine and he was the night’s star in 2007.
 An unknown youngster by the name of Enchong Dee failed to elicit loud screams in 2006.

 Newbie Jon Mullally was still a bit player in 2006, relegated to the fly-in models group.

 Daring actor Marco Morales was the opening act in the 2007 edition.
Surprisingly, he didn’t pull his shorts down.
 Actor Marco Alcaraz had his undies cut into pieces and threw them into the crowd.

 In 2005, Will Devaughn boldly stepped out of his pants.
Zanjoe Marudo, then a fledgling model, also showed up in his underwear 
at the 2005 edition [with Iago Raterta]

Miscellany Saturday

Today I am posting your contributions – photos of half-nekkid boys that went through the mail. Some are too good not to share. Young and not-so young actors and celebs. They are all here!

Albie got older and sexier.

Bugz Daigo married a transexual. Read the news.
Carl is still a bit player in GMA.

Dennis is a big star now in GMA, thanks to that gay soap.

Derrick just turned 18. He could be a big star in GMA.

On the other side, Enrique is such a tease whenever he bumps and grinds.

Hideo is horny.
Ian has a flat butt.

And I didn’t know Johnron and Marco have a movie together.

Jobless Jon is still a hottie. Put him in the indies fast!

Matteo has a big bod and big arms and yummy pits!
Cute boy Vivo got gaunt. Post prison.

Has-been Wendell is not so fat after all.

And the king of selfies is Ahron.
At the gym.

In the love shack.
At the gym again. See!

Marco Show

Now that I have your attention with the VPL, read! Epic Entertainment is proud to bring you The King of Indie Films, Marco Morales tonight, 23 February 2012 at FUZE by Chef Don Ho Restaurant and Wine Bar Lounge. FUZE is located at the F1 City Center Building, 32nd Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City. To make things clear: Marco Morales will sing with his guitar. Show starts at 11 p.m.

Happy Birthday, Marco!

The minute we saw you in November 2008 in your first nudity-filled
movie, Walang Kawala [No Way Out]as the kick-butt dancer Tolits,
we knew you are going to be big.

You followed it up with Butas [Loophole] in January 2009 where,
as the philandering Virgo, we fell in awe [and in love].

In February, you came out in Booking, as the struggling actor Lando
with a penchant for shedding clothes in any scene.

Of course, we couldn’t get enough of you as you did the role of masseur
Biboy in Heavenly Touch, which premiered in May 2009.

The frontal nudity continued in June when Big Night was shown, where
you danced away your role Abel in nekkid abandon.

Just when we thought you put on your clothes back and retired
from the scene,you came back in October that year as the
live cam sex performer Mark in Pipo.

The next month, you were doing this Japan-bound dancer role Rico
in I Love Dreamguyz.

After some roles on tv and wholesome indie flicks, you came back
after a year,October 2010 to be exact when your movie
Laruang Lalake was screened.

Of course, there’s this under-the-radar gay flick that you made,
Halik sa Tubig,shown also during that time in some city
outside Metro Manila. We heard you did
awesome in that gay flick – sex scenes and all.

And so, on your birthday, Frontal Nudity King or whatever titles we wish to lovingly bestow on you, we wish you the best. Of course, we wouldn’t mind seeing you in your birthday suit once in a while. Because we just can’t enough. Because we’re big fans. Big lusty [and lusting] fans! Happy Birthday, Marco Morales!

Marco News

Reader marcofanateek6 writes in with these screencaps from Booking and informs us that Marco Morales is fine, that there’s no truth in the rumors circulating that he’s gone off to his native Australia for good because of drug problems, that he’s in fact busy shooting a new movie up in the mountains of Baguio – which movie is called Becky which might just contain another one [or two] of those gratuitous displays of penis courtesy of your favorite guy Marco. So there.