Cosmo Night

It’s Cosmo Night later! The boys and the men are out to play for the girls. Of course, we’ll see the usual wet, sweaty bods on stage. Some may pull down their pants. Others will just have to be prissy with their jeans on. But just the same, it will be one wild night with all the half-naked men.  Here are some moments in the past Cosmo Bachelors Bash that I remember.
 The water gun was introduced in 2008, to douse the guys, including Bruce Quebral.
 Many were surprised to see the transformation of singer Christian Bautista in 2010.
Bonus: hair!

 Actor Dennis Trillo first appeared in the Cosmo event in 2005 looking cute and hot.

 Dingdong Dantes went nekkid on the cover of the magazine and he was the night’s star in 2007.
 An unknown youngster by the name of Enchong Dee failed to elicit loud screams in 2006.

 Newbie Jon Mullally was still a bit player in 2006, relegated to the fly-in models group.

 Daring actor Marco Morales was the opening act in the 2007 edition.
Surprisingly, he didn’t pull his shorts down.
 Actor Marco Alcaraz had his undies cut into pieces and threw them into the crowd.

 In 2005, Will Devaughn boldly stepped out of his pants.
Zanjoe Marudo, then a fledgling model, also showed up in his underwear 
at the 2005 edition [with Iago Raterta]

My Beloved

What happens when an angel of death falls in love with a human? Are angels allowed to fall in love with a human? So goes the storyline of the new GMA prime time show of Dingdong Dantes, My Beloved. The romantic fantasy drama series is all set to premiere on 13 February 2012 and the network’s pulling out all stops to promote the show. Everyone’s thinking City of Angels, that 1998 movie of the angel-mortal theme. Are you watching?

Ding Dong!

GMA-7’s prized leading man Dingdong Dantes is looking rough and rugged these days. Thanks to his prime time comedy series I U Pare, [a Connie and Carla rip-off], he had to don a moustache and faux five o’clock shadow. Now, if only he’d do those cotton briefs again for Bench Body, similar to what he did a few years back when he was launched as one of the new endorsers of the clothing company.

Buff DD

Is Dingdong‘s butt that flat? Apparently, the Bench guys did not do their job well in the photoshopping department. Cosmo [Phils] magazine did better work a few years ago when he was the main man in the annual centerfolds supplement. Just the same, he still looks hot in this photo – torso and all. Will we be seeing more nekkid Dingdong photos for Bench this year, now that there’s an exodus of actor-endorsers to the other brands?


The biggest male stars on tv in 2009 were the Bench guys: Gerald, Aljur, Dingdong and Piolo. Of course, the acknowledged kings of the rival stations – Piolo for ABS-CBN and Dingdong for GMA-7 churned prime time hits, one after the other. Waiting in the wings were the younger ones – Gerald for ABS-CBN and Aljur for GMA-7. Gerald and Aljur were even pitted against each other – as rivals – although Gerald’s off to a drawn out head start over Aljur. What does 2010 hold for these guys? Will they sustain their popularity and street cred? Will there be a newer and bigger star – someone who can sing and dance and act passionately? Whose star will shine brighter, brightest?

Pulling Away

Imagine this photo a million times larger on a busy thoroughfare in Metro Manila, distracting commuters on a bright yellow sky day. This is actually that huge billboard along the river, right across EDSA in Guadalupe, Makati City, showing off a nearly naked Dingdong Dantes promoting his new line of scents for local brand Bench. Sex really sells and Dingdong works it. Now, imagine the sheet being actually pulled away.