They Come in Threes

Gird your loins! It looks like Daniel Matsunaga won’t be burdened wearing the Avon underwear line alone anymore! Two new boys are donning dem fancy-schmancy oddpants next week: Enchong Dee and Tanner Mata! You’ve seen them in swimwear and undies before, but what the heck, fresh new photos of these guys in bulge-baring sets are most welcome anytime!

In B & W

AJI haven’t tried posting black-and-white photos, but there’s always a first time. Maybe it will work a la Herb Ritts.  Although the bright colors have been removed, I think they’ll do just fine highlighting the male beaut. First photo is ex-varsity baller and now-model AJ Hanson, who’s a favorite of The Old Queen whenever he/it visits New York City.

derekAnd then there’s Derek Ramsay, who’s relevant again because he has a movie coming up. Of course, he’s always relevant in the biz, as long as he takes off his shirt and flashes his sweaty abs anytime!

ENCHONGSpeaking of relevance, popular actor Enchong Dee is also in black and white, drawing attention to his fine little-boy features.

hideoOne of our favoritest Brazilians overstaying-in-town Hideo Muraoka is flashing those sturdy limbs and gams. He can stay in this country forever, I wish!

TomasTom Rodriguez is the actor-of-the-hour with his take on the leading-man role in GMA’s best bet in prime time ratings, Marimar. In one of his promo photos, he’s all-too sexy even if it’s in black and white.

JesseSomeraTo prove to you that B & W works also in sexy shots, here’s a photo of Filipino-American model Jesse Somera, giving us a glimpse of his bright future in the industry. If it’s in B&W, it must be artsy (even if there’s male nudity)!

DeeTour repeat

Enchong48Did you see Enchong‘s concert DeeTour last Friday at the Music Museum? Detractors and bashers won’t have a field day as it was very successful. Packed to the rafters. Overflowing with people and things.  If you’re extra curious now and you missed it, there’s a repeat this Friday, July 10 in the same venue.

Enchong49Aside from Enchong doing the sexy moves, Enrique and Gerald were there to support their friend. Make that triple delight.  The boys will sing and dance and leave very little room for your imagination, no matter how active.


Enchong1It’s Enchong Dee Day! Well, actually he has a concert later on at the Music Museum (see sidebar) and dutiful, loving fans like us should all go and support this cute boy, right?   He’s such a sweetheart, if you ask me.

Enchong2Enchong’s so charming and cute. I’m not actually sure what he’ll do later -maybe some wiggling or shirtless singing, but I’m going. When he takes his shirt off and drops his pants, he goes into sexy mode. If you want your boys twinky and young and soft, then he fits the [libido] bill. So watch the concert later, too!