Tom Thumb

And then there was Tom. Tom Rodriguez in his new signature pose for underwear modelling: a hint of long schlong in extra tight underthings! It seems like he’s enjoying the weiner-whoring lately. Of course, he’s hot that way.

Candid and Loving It

While the Bench show may never be the same way again without Dennis Trillo in bulge-y underwear, Tom Rodriguez fills in the spot quite well. He’s walking the Under The Stars fleshtravaganza for the last time (?) and he might have something to surprise us on Saturday night.


Would you care for another serving of Bartolome Mott, in all his Bench/Body underwear hotness? This time, it’s a BTS photo, best to see where all the editing came from. He’s fine, for me, whether he’s horse-hung, padded or not. For sure, he’ll rock the finale of the show on November 18.


We get starry-eyed every time Tom Rodriguez goes out in his undergarments, right?  Because we know that junk in the trunk is quite hefty, it is apt that he headlines this year’s biggest flesh show this side of the pond. He promises he won’t wear the penis pads this time, and everybody wants to be under his stars.

Body of Evidence

Heads up! This is positive proof that Bench Body tinkers with the bodies of its underwear models. Left image was released for digital and store promos. The whole enchilada is in the right photo, which doesn’t leave much to the idle imagination. Who says Tom Rodriguez is flat and boring?

Not Beach Wear

Underwear fashion really doesn’t go far. Four seasons apart, and the boys are still wearing the same designs. And then again, who’s grumbling and griping, when we have these arousing images of men? One thing is for sure: dazzle them with florals and summer prints and abs and bulges, and people won’t care much about the recycled designs.

Tom v. Jake

There will be debates on the matter of who is the better underwear model in town between these two actors, active in showbiz. Tom Rodriguez took on the Bench Body duties when Jake Cuenca left to string for Guitar. They love walking around in their undies and I wouldn’t stand in the way as they get their nudity on. Ultimately it’s in the eye of the beholder, right?

Tom’s Sides

tomasIt has been two years and images of Tom Rodriguez in all his bulging bravado still dominate any web search about the guy. We can’t exactly blame the world wide web for such hot, hot pictures to surface first, they deserve top priority in our list, if you ask me.  We hope there’s a repeat of the Naked Truth show pretty soon.

Like Tom

tomEver since Tom Rodriguez was signed up by underwear giant Bench Body as one of its endorsers, he has always been a favorite in this site. Who wouldn’t be captivated by his sweet smile, puppy-dog eyes and *gasphuge bulge? Whether it’s his facial features or his bulge that captivates you, Tom delivers on all fronts!


IMG_1352 copyPardon the grainy image but this one appears to have been taken at the shoot for the new Bench Body holiday campaign (hence the stars). For now, this feast on this chunky hunk of a man is more than enough. It looks like Tom Rodriguez is hogging the underwear endorsements in the Bench Body backlot (or basement)! Bikini briefs next?

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