Not Beach Wear

Underwear fashion really doesn’t go far. Four seasons apart, and the boys are still wearing the same designs. And then again, who’s grumbling and griping, when we have these arousing images of men? One thing is for sure: dazzle them with florals and summer prints and abs and bulges, and people won’t care much about the recycled designs.

Tom v. Jake

There will be debates on the matter of who is the better underwear model in town between these two actors, active in showbiz. Tom Rodriguez took on the Bench Body duties when Jake Cuenca left to string for Guitar. They love walking around in their undies and I wouldn’t stand in the way as they get their nudity on. Ultimately it’s in the eye of the beholder, right?

Tom’s Sides

tomasIt has been two years and images of Tom Rodriguez in all his bulging bravado still dominate any web search about the guy. We can’t exactly blame the world wide web for such hot, hot pictures to surface first, they deserve top priority in our list, if you ask me.  We hope there’s a repeat of the Naked Truth show pretty soon.

Like Tom

tomEver since Tom Rodriguez was signed up by underwear giant Bench Body as one of its endorsers, he has always been a favorite in this site. Who wouldn’t be captivated by his sweet smile, puppy-dog eyes and *gasphuge bulge? Whether it’s his facial features or his bulge that captivates you, Tom delivers on all fronts!


IMG_1352 copyPardon the grainy image but this one appears to have been taken at the shoot for the new Bench Body holiday campaign (hence the stars). For now, this feast on this chunky hunk of a man is more than enough. It looks like Tom Rodriguez is hogging the underwear endorsements in the Bench Body backlot (or basement)! Bikini briefs next?

Tom’s world today

TomasIt is always a good thing that Tom Rodriguez loves to tease. He knows he has the goods. The showbiz A-lister is now chronicling his road to body perfection, thanks to his Bench Body endorsement. He should look good nekkid and it would be sheer delight if the 28-year-old will always pose in skimpy undies for the local brand’s new campaigns.

In B & W

AJI haven’t tried posting black-and-white photos, but there’s always a first time. Maybe it will work a la Herb Ritts.  Although the bright colors have been removed, I think they’ll do just fine highlighting the male beaut. First photo is ex-varsity baller and now-model AJ Hanson, who’s a favorite of The Old Queen whenever he/it visits New York City.

derekAnd then there’s Derek Ramsay, who’s relevant again because he has a movie coming up. Of course, he’s always relevant in the biz, as long as he takes off his shirt and flashes his sweaty abs anytime!

ENCHONGSpeaking of relevance, popular actor Enchong Dee is also in black and white, drawing attention to his fine little-boy features.

hideoOne of our favoritest Brazilians overstaying-in-town Hideo Muraoka is flashing those sturdy limbs and gams. He can stay in this country forever, I wish!

TomasTom Rodriguez is the actor-of-the-hour with his take on the leading-man role in GMA’s best bet in prime time ratings, Marimar. In one of his promo photos, he’s all-too sexy even if it’s in black and white.

JesseSomeraTo prove to you that B & W works also in sexy shots, here’s a photo of Filipino-American model Jesse Somera, giving us a glimpse of his bright future in the industry. If it’s in B&W, it must be artsy (even if there’s male nudity)!


tomas1 tomas2

So gaze and be amazed! Tom Rodriguez is going leading-man-sexy as he takes on the Marimar soap for GMA. These are modern times and a guy on tv wearing nothing but say, skimpy underwear is not really a big deal. Hopefully he’ll do or wear something small to put his ass (and all that are attached to such) back in this site again.


TomRod copyWe have practically featured all shapes and sizes of boys and men in this site. Some are hot and sexy, others are cute and charming. Tom Rodriguez is a bit of all of the above, as he somehow manages to transition from wholesome to, uhm, fun sometimes. Coming up this season is Tom in all his shirtless glory as Sergio in the GMA tv soap Marimar!

Underwear models for summer

tomasActor and Bench Body underwear endorser Tom Rodriguez just finished shooting for the summer campaign of the local brand. Whether it’s one stuffed pair of briefs or not, we couldn’t care less, as we’re madly excited for a new set of sexy images of the guy! Bring it on, Tom!


vinyOne of the newest endorsers of the underwear brand is Brazilian model Vinicius Cenzi. The 6’1″-tall hunk has been modeling underwear brands for quite some time already. No wonder, he easily donned Bench Body briefs in a recent shoot for the company’s summer campaign.

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