Hot Men in the Philippines

Not Beach Wear

Underwear fashion really doesn’t go far. Four seasons apart, and the boys are still wearing the same designs. And then again, who’s grumbling and griping, when we have these arousing images of men? One thing is for sure: dazzle them with florals and summer prints and abs and bulges, and people won’t care much about the recycled designs.

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  1. Grabe naman si Mama Ben Chan hindi na nakontento sa lalaki, hayok na hayok antanda na…kainggit hahahaha

  2. ano kaya kung boxer briefs na sinuot ni Cezar, yun din sinuot ni Tom without washing? So naghalo pawis ng mga etits nila! Parang nagkiskisan lang! Sarap!

  3. May kumakalat na video scandal si Tom Rodriguez nung payat days pa sya post-PBB. Nung wala yata sya work pa at di pa sikat, nakuuu hottie yun I swear!!!

  4. Cezar is a hottie! I wonder kung pabook yan dito sa Manila since lahat ng brazilians e kapit sa patalim dito lol

  5. Nung araw pabooking si Tomas nung wala sya work, pero now di na pwede… sayang. na offer sa akin yan ni Cedric eh

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